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  • The NX Mini Camera: Worth It?
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Samsung’s NX Mini camera was made for travel. This camera is super lightweight (weighing no more than the average smartphone).

It also comes with a nice articulating LCD screen that makes snapping selfies simple. If you’ve been looking for an extremely portable camera that is a step up from what most smartphones offer, check out the NX Mini.

NX Mini Specs

Thickness: 0.89 inches
Weight: 5.6 ounces
Lenses: Samsung has created a 9 mm, 17 mm, and 9-27 mm zoom lens to go along with the NX Mini.
Video: 1080p
Screen: touchscreen
OS: Tizen

The NX Mini also comes with WiFi (which is fairly standard now), so you can share pictures quickly. You’ll also enjoy the Smart Camera app that lets you simply send photos to your smartphone (if Instagram is your thing). All in all, the NX Mini is a compact little camera that won’t win you any National Geographic photography awards, but will let you take some great snapshots.

I’m not in love with Samsung’s newest camera designs, though.

Colors and Materials

In a world where smartphones come in metallic hues, camera colors are important. Samsung offers the NX Mini in four different colors including: mint green, white, pink, black, and brown. The colors look somewhat retro (especially the mint green), but that’s not the design that I have an issue with.

It’s the faux leather look that Samsung seems to be stuck on. I just don’t dig it. But, you might like the look of strangely fake leather wrapped around your camera – it’s a personal style thing.

The other problem I have with this camera is the price. How much would you pay for a small camera that’s main purpose is to make taking selfies simpler? Two hundred? Max? Samsung disagrees with that estimate.

The company has listed the NX Mini with a price tag of $449. Granted, you do get a 9mm lens with that price tag, but I still think that paying almost $500 for this type of point-and-shoot camera is out to lunch. If you think it’s a fine price, you may as well go for the $549 kit that Samsung has put together. The higher priced option includes the 9-27 mm lens.

Samsung is also throwing in Adobe’s Lightroom 5 with the $549 option.


If you like what you’re reading (and have a few bucks to throw around), Samsung’s NX Mini will be available this coming April in the U.S. The company hasn’t stated yet which retailers will sell the Mini, but I’m guessing that the usual lineup (Amazon, Best Buy, etc) will exist. Samsung is also putting out a lens adaptor kit in May to go along with the camera release.

Samsung isn’t aiming for the professional photographer bunch with the NX Mini. The company is hoping to capture the social media crowd, or anyone that likes to take a few quick snapshots and wants a bump up from a smarpthone camera option. The question is, though, will those people want to shell out $400 for this camera?