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  • OfficeTime: A Freelancer’s Dream Tool
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Freelancers have to keep track of time spent. Even if a project is not billed at an hourly rate, it’s important to know how much money can be made per hour. There are a handful of tools on the market that will track work time. One of the better tools out there is OfficeTime. This program proves to be simple to use and comes with various features that all freelancers will find useful.

The OfficeTime Interface

At the start, OfficeTime offers users a quick two-minute tutorial video. This video includes all the details that users need to know about navigating the OfficeTime interface. Were the video not to exist, however, OfficeTime would still prove to be simple to use. Drop-down menus are explained in great detail, charts are simple to fill out, and the whole program is built upon a clean interface that doesn’t feel cluttered or bloated in the least. OfficeTime is a favorite freelancing tool simply because it’s so easy to use. Additionally, OfficeTime comes with a number of excellent features.

Using OfficeTime

OfficeTime offers users three possible categories that include: line items, projects, and categories. Projects that are inputted are included as a line item, and, in turn, these items are then added to the category tab. Alternately, projects can simply be assigned to the category column. Each item also comes with a record button. When you begin a project, press “record.” When that project has been completed, hit the “stop” button. You will then be able to see just how long a project took to complete, and these details are saved in your folder for as long as you need them.

Each time a new app has been created, a new recording will begin. So, it is not possible to overbill a client or to charge a client twice for the same project. Rally, OfficeTime is a lifesaver if you work at an hourly rate or just want to see how much you are making per hour. Just in case you get lost, there are a bunch of tips included in this program that are worth reading through at least once. But, really, OfficeTime is such a simple program that you shouldn’t have any problem at all using this tool.

Things to Like

OfficeTime is arranged, so that users can simply and easily open up various windows at once. Having the ability to open a number of windows makes it much easier to work with this program (or any program). The color scheme and overall flow of the OfficeTime interface is nice and cool, which also makes using this program better all around. OfficeTime also offers the option to record and report on team-based projects. If you ever work on a project with another person or a few different people, the OfficeTime tool has you covered.

Pricing and Availability

OfficeTime is available for download right now. As far as pricing goes, you will have to pay around $50 for this program, but it’s worth the cost if you need a way to track those billable hours. For the freelancer of any kind, OfficeTime is a must have program.