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  • Olasonic TW-S7

At $99, the Olasonic TW-S7 is mostly valued for its looks. These USB-powered PC speakers have an appealing, egg-shaped design with a glossy finish, that would look great on just about any workspace.

The sound quality does suffer at high volumes, particularly with bass-heavy music, so these really only function as close-range PC-only speakers. If you're a close-range, mid-volume listener with an appreciation for aesthetics, these speakers will be a great fit. If not, there are plenty of other speakers out there that will work for you. Either way, here's a quick rundown.


The design of the Olasonic TW-S7 is really where it shines. Their unique, visually pleasing egg-shape is the initial and lasting draw to this product. The speakers stand almost 6-inches tall, and rest in a circular, concave stand, similar to an egg holder. These speakers come in two colors, black and white, both of which include a glossy, sleek finish.

One major downside of the design is that there are no power nor volume controls on the speakers themselves. In order to adjust the volume, the user must use the volume controls on his or her PC. Although most people tend to adjust the volume using their keyboard shortcuts, it will be an annoyance for those who still prefer to use the speaker's volume control. Another problem with the design is that there is no line input nor headphone jack included on the speakers, limiting their function to PC-only speakers.

USB Power

These PC speakers are powered by a handy USB cord. This is a welcome alternative to having to deal with an AC adapter. Simply plug the speakers into any Windows or Mac computer's USB port, and they're ready to go. One obstacle that the USB power cord presents, is that USB isn't able to transmit very much power to the speakers.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Olasonic TW-S7 is decent. The speakers sound pretty good at low to mid volume levels, but lose quality at higher volumes. A PC speaker doesn't necessarily need to be played at high volume, so they will work just fine for the average user. For those looking to play loud, bass-heavy music, however, this is not the ideal speaker.


In order for these speakers to function at their best, representatives from Olasonic provided a few tips for users. Windows 7 Media Player doesn't work very well with these speakers, so using iTunes media player is recommended. When using these speakers with Windows XP, the master system volume should be reduced by half, and on Windows 7, the master system volume should be adjusted to 50.

Also, in order to adjust the signal output, go to iTune's Equalizer under the "Display" screen. If you're unsatisfied with the sound quality, Olasonic recommends adjusting the preamplifier setting, or using the bass booster or reducer until the sound improves. Lastly, the rep warned customers that the speakers use a 1-bit amplifier to amplify the digital signal before it's converted to analog, so be careful not to overdrive the speakers.