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  • Introducing The Olloclip For iPhone
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Mobile photography is growing as more and more people turn to smartphones. And of all the smartphones, iPhone dominates. By itself, it takes incredible pictures. But what if you were to add a lens? Incredible is taken to the next level.

While there are many options on the market to choose from when it comes to add-on lenses for your iPhone, Olloclip brings you professional quality images in an easy to use, affordable package.

What started as a 3-in-1 lens Kickstarter project, a combination of macro, wide-angle, and fish-eye lenses all in one gadget that slides right over the phone's lens has taken it to the next level. Now, they offer a 4-in-1, bringing a second macro lens into the mix.


So, why two macros? One of the macro lenses features 10x magnification and a focus distance of 18 millimeters, while the other has 15x magnification and 13 millimeter focus distance. Now you can get right in there for the best close up shot.

The fish-eye lens brings you a 180-degree field-of-view, making for some interesting shots. It is below the fish-eye lens, which you just need to unscrew, that one of the two macro lenses is located.

The wide-angle lens doubles your field-of-view as compared to the standard iPhone lens. This is great for those landscape shots! And sunsets will be just as incredible as the real thing, something the iPhone lens just can't do. The Olloclip wide-angle lens option lets more light in.

One goal of this lens is to bring sharper, clearer images with less distortion that is typical with iPhone lenses (although the average user won't notice). They pull it off perfectly.


Slide the lens directly onto the corner of your iPhone over the existing lens. You'll note the fish-eye lens one of the sides of the phone. If you want to take a wide-angle shot, just flip the Olloclip over. The other side features this lens, and unscrewing it reveals the other macro (10x).

Even though it is very lightweight (less than an ounce) and is small enough to fit inside your pocket, it's built surprisingly well. You can choose between red, white, or black, all done in a metallic look. It really blends well with the iPhone's design. It won't damage your phone when taking it on and off repeatedly, either! Carry it around in a handy pouch, which works well to clean the lenses periodically.

The small size meets the second goal: to bring mobile photographers a way to capture images the moment they want. This lens goes on in seconds, allowing you to get the shot at the perfect moment instead of fussing over attaching the lens. If the lens isn't working for you, it takes another second or two to flip it over. Again, you won't miss the shot.

Additional Information

This nifty lens will be available beginning November 1 on Olloclip's website, Best Buy, the Apple store, and various big box stores. It will set you back $69.99, and is compatible with the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, and fifth generation iPod Touch. Another version, compatible with the iPhone 5C, is due out in late November.