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  • OLPC’s XO-4 Touch
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One Laptop Per Child is a non-profit organization that aims to bring one laptop to every child in need. OLPC introduced the XO-3 last year to children and press everywhere. This year, the OLPC has created the X0-4 netbook. The new netbook will feature both a touchscreen and a keyboard in order to provide children with the latest in notebook technology. It’s clear to see that the OLPC modeled the XO-4 on the XO-3, though the newer model does have some very modern improvements.

Powering the XO-4

It’s hard to say anything negative about a non-profit organization that builds laptops for underprivileged children. After all, these laptops won’t be used for anything other than educating the world’s youth. So, I’m not going to review this new laptop in the same comparative and tough manner that I would review, say, a new MacBook. Instead, I’ll tell you that the XO-4 comes with a Marvell Armada 2128 processor, and it will also feature a multi-touch display that has been specially designed to handle sunlight well. This laptop is encased in tough plastic and was meant to take a beating – not quite military tough, but up there on the rugged scale.

OLPC doesn’t give away its laptops. However, these laptops (or notebooks, or tablet-laptops, or whatever you want to call them) are priced so that most parents can purchase one. That said, there is no current pricing available for the new XO-4, though the XO-3 retailed for less than $100. In case you aren’t familiar with the layout of OLPC’s laptops, this laptop design is really something unique.

OLPC’s Laptop Design

It’s tough today to choose between a laptop and a tablet. This is a fact that OLPC is well aware of. Both tablets and laptops have their place, for sure, within the world and within the educational system. Keeping this in mind, OLPC has designed its line of laptops to look and act a lot like both a tablet and a laptop. These notebooks lay flat, come with protective, flexible, covers, and are really tough when it comes to direct sunlight and other elements. Children can easily gather around an OLPC notebook and see what’s happening on-screen. Now, with the touchscreen option, using an OLPC laptop will become easier than it was, and that’s really saying something.

OLPC is a great organization that’s providing an excellent way for children of any means to purchase a notebook. While it might not always be possible for parents to buy notebooks at high retail prices, OLPC notebooks can be purchased at a reasonable price. Of course, educational facilities around the globe can also benefit from these laptops. It’s really tough to find fault with OLPC. If you want to help children everywhere understand and learn through technology, you can find out more about this program by visiting the OLPC website. Right now, the information that you see above is all the information that OLPC has released about the XO-4, but more details are sure to pop up soon.