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  • These Cambridge Sound Speakers Rock
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Does the world really need another mini Bluetooth speaker? It does if that speaker looks like the OontZ by Cambridge Soundworks. These little speakers have a lot of spunk - both in color and in sound. Shopping for a small Bluetooth speaker option? Here's what Cambridge Soundworks has in store for you.

First: Price

Price has to be the one thing that stands out the most with these speakers. Not because the price is the only good thing, but because these speakers are actually affordable. At just $50 per speaker, it's easy to purchase one or two of these, and listen to tunes all summer long. Cambridge has also developed a smaller version of the Oontz speakers call the 'OontZ Angle,' and these speakers retail for just $39.

Shop online for the best deals around. Price aside, the OontZ speakers also pack a good amount of sound.

Next: Sound

You can't expect theater surround sound from small Bluetooth speakers. Anything that connects via Bluetooth is bound to sound a lot less impressive than a real speaker system. That said, Cambridge Soundworks did add a good amount of sound detail to the Oontz Speakers. These speakers are loud, come with a good amount of bass, and sound great when played in the midrange (music that isn't super bass heavy).

You will notice some distortion with both the OontZ and the OontZ Angle, but, again, this is to be expected with speakers of this size and type. The OontZ Angle (as expected) does come with lesser sound, but some may prefer the look and shape of the Angle to the original speaker.

Third: Design

The OontZ isn't particularly attractive. It comes with a rounded back and is available in some eye-popping colors like yellow, blue, and bold reds. The OontZ Angle has an angled front and really reminds me of the Jambox's front. These speakers do have small blue lights that are somewhat distracting when turned on, but you can dim the lights or shut them off altogether.

At the back of the speaker you will find a Mini-USB port instead of a Micro-USB port. Size-wise, the OontZ measures 5.2 inches wide, 2.8 inches high, and 2.6 inches deep. It weighs 10.1 ounces. The Angle is on the smaller side, but, again, I like the design of the Angle better. Still, for $50, it's hard to find a better Bluetooth speaker option.

Lastly: In Conclusion

Cambridge Soundworks' OontZ speakers are affordable, come with a relatively nice design, and will serve any Bluetooth listening purpose nicely. These aren't speakers that you'll want to put in your upscale living room, but they will work at the summer house or on the beach (just avoid the sand). These speakers both come with a decent battery life, cable cord to charge them when you need to, and are a good Bluetooth option.

If you are shopping for Bluetooth speakers, you can find the OontZ speakers in various audio stores on online in stores like Amazon. Need something cheap that also sounds good? Check out the OontZ from Cambridge Soundworks.