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Even though most of us spend a lot of time using electronics, we aren’t robots. This is unfortunate, since robots would have the ability to remember hundreds of password combinations. Until scientists discover a way to imbed passwords into our fingertips, password managers are the best option.

These handy tools will keep track of all passwords for you, so that you don’t have to go nuts trying to remember different alphanumeric combinations.Password management software abounds online and elsewhere. Sadly, only a handful of these programs are actually worth your time and energy. Look for programs that offer extra security features and work well with any platform. In order to cut through all of those bad managers out there, you’ll find the best in the business listed below.

Note: all prices were approximate at the time of this writing.

Roboform -- $25+

You may not be robotic, but Roboform is. This easy to use program will keep all of your password secrets, it works very well with other programs, and it can also generate random passwords for you. In addition, Roboform can also fill in almost any form without skipping a beat. Say goodbye to typing your name, address, and password time after time. Roboform is an ideal and inexpensive password manager program that works very well with Windows (sorry, Apple users!).

1Password -- $14+

If you have a MAC, you will love using 1Password. Not only is this program inexpensive, but it’s also highly efficient. 1Password can store as many passwords as you want it to, and you can also store files with this program. If you happen to travel a lot, 1Password is, perhaps, the best way to securely store and access any file while traveling. As an added bonus, you can also sync 1Password with your iPhone. What more could an avid Apple fan want?

Last Pass – Monthly Fee ($1)

Don’t let the low price of this program fool you. Last Pass is every bit as good as those higher-priced password managers. The main difference is that Last Pass works with various platforms including mobile platforms. This means that you can access passwords with almost any device you own. Last Pass also includes a super secure temporary password function.

When you aren’t sure whether or not a connection is secure, Last Pass will create a temporary password for you. This way, you can change your temporary password when you have access to a completely secure connection. When it comes to security, for $1 per month, you simply can’t go wrong with Last Pass.

Security Features to Look For

Security is incredibly important when it comes to password management. It’s relatively easy for someone to intercept a password, so make sure that any program you choose is secure. Programs like Last Pass that include temporary password features are worth every penny.

Unlike a lot of other programs, you can’t purchase a password management program based upon price. Some of the cheapest managers out there are also the best.