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  • Climb the Photovine (App)
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There’s something fun about snapping and sharing pictures. Most people share personal photos with friends and family members, but smartphone apps are starting to change the way the world displays life’s little moments. One of the first photo apps to gain a strong following was Instagram. This app allowed people from all around the world to share photos with other Instagram users.

Instagram enthusiasts can comment on other people’s photos, change photo filters, and see what’s happening throughout the world. Now, Instagram will have to share the spotlight with another popular photo app called Photovine. This app was developed for iOS by Google, and is available (at the moment) in the App Store for free.

Photovine Is Unique

First, let’s address the previous sentence. Google developed the Photovine app for Apple – not Android. Why? Nobody really knows the answer to this question, but Google released the app very quietly so as not to upset Android users (a complete assumption). Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what this app can do.

Photovine is being billed as a social networking app of sorts, and, I suppose, it is. Here’s how the app works: users snap photos that fit into a particular category (example: “Famous People I Know”), and other users snap similar photos. All of these photos are then put into topic categories, and people who use Photovine can share each photo. If you use this app, you can start your own photo topic or you can join a category that already exists.

Testing Photovine

Adding friends to my Photovine proved to be a bit of a challenge, sine nobody really knew about Photovine’s launch. I attempted to add friends from Twitter, Facebook, and my personal address book – no luck. Thankfully, Google made this app entirely user-friendly, so I don’t actually need to know anyone who uses Photovine to use the app or to share photos.

If you don’t have any luck finding friends on Photovine, simply tap the “vines” icon towards the bottom of the app screen. There, you will find a number of different vines that people have started. Popular vines today include “Food,” “My Funky Watch,” and “Beauty In Nature.” People from all over have been snapping photos that fit into this category, and add these photos to a vine. Adding a photo to any vine is a cinch and only takes a few moments. You can also add captions to any photo.

If you see a photo that you must comment on, you can add a quick note to any photo. It is also possible to follow users who you find interesting. Really, Photovine is a great way to see what people from all over the world experience daily. This reviewer found the Photovine app to be a lot of fun.

Downloading Photovine

Photovine is a free app that can be found through the Apple App Store. Sorry Android users, this Google app isn’t available for Android at the moment. If you happen to have an iPhone, Photovine is an app worth checking out. The app doesn’t come with any filters, so you’ll have to make sure that your photos are excellent to begin with, but this isn’t hard to accomplish with the iPhone.