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  • Plantronics Voyager Pro HD
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If you conduct business while on the road, while running, or while participating in any other activity, you need a headset that’s reliable. Plantronics isn’t new to the headset game, though this manufacturer hasn’t released a new headset in awhile. Recently, Plantronics unveiled the new Voyager Pro HD. While this headset isn’t anything to jump up and down about, it does do some innovative things that will make participating in meetings easier.

If you’re looking for a stylish headset that defies all style-laws, this isn’t the headset for you. If you’re looking for a headset that performs well while also making conference calls and regular calls simpler, this might be the headset you’re looking for. That said, this headset retails for around $99, which is a fair price for a headset in today’s market.

Connecting to Calls

We’ll cover the looks of the Voyager in a minute. Right now, let’s talk about what this headset can do, and, more importantly, how it can make conducting meetings and joining conference calls easier. The Voyager knows when you want to connect your phone to the headset. Even better, this headset will forward all phone calls to the headset when you put it on. Gone are the days when you had to tell your headset that you were going wireless.

In addition to detecting your calls (and forwarding them to your headset), the Voyager also works with the company’s own InstantMeeting App. This app (available for use with iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones) is available for $4.99, and makes life a heck of a lot easier if you have to join a lot of conference calls. The app will allow your phone to scan your calendar for any meeting numbers in addition to meeting dates and times.

When a meeting is detected, the app will call the right number at the right time, and you’ll be instantly connected to your meeting. In addition, the app will forward the call to your Voyager headset, so all you have to do is listen and chime in when the mood strikes. How’s that for innovation? A lot of people will find this app and headset combo useful, and it’s easy to see why Plantronics set up the Voyager t connect with the InstantMeeting App.

'''Style Aside;;;

I am thrilled with the InstantMeeting app, and the fact that the Voyager can detect incoming calls. I’m not thrilled with Plantronics design. It seems that in this day and age companies could get away from the same old bulky headset design that was so five years ago. The Voyager (like most other headsets in its class) could use some updating.

In other words, you won’t turn any heads when you snap this puppy to your ear, but that’s not the point of the headset, is it?

As mentioned, the Plantronics Voyager is an excellent headset for those people who want to connect to meetings, make conference calls, and speak on the phone while doing something else. At $99, you can’t go wrong with the price either, and the headset is quite innovative. I just wish that Plantronics had allowed some of that innovation to trickle down to the headset’s looks.