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  • PlayStation Vu Wants to be Your Cable Alternative
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Sony has just announced a new cloud-based television service called PlayStation Vu. This service will allow users to connect to various live TV stations and on-demand options without any kind of cable or satellite package.

PlayStation Vu is in beta right now (available on an invite-only basis), but Sony is well on the way to making this service available to everyone soon.

PlayStation Vu Details

Sony will make the past three days of popular programming available on-demand to Vu users. Users can access any of the content or television stations without recording or scheduling recordings. So far, Sony has offered beta testers around 75 different channels including CBS, Discovery, Fox, Scripps, NBC Universal, and many others. As the name suggests, you do have to have a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 in order to use Vu.

Sony has already given out some testing invites to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners, but more will be added to the list in the next few weeks. Right now, the service is only offered to a chosen group of NY-based PlayStation users, but Vu will expand to include LA, Philadelphia, and Chicago in the next few weeks.

Some Non-Sony Devices Included

While Vu is only offered on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 devices right now, Sony has told press that the company will be expanding the service to include iPad devices and some non-Sony devices as well (as list of those has not been disclosed yet). How will Vu differ from cable or satellite subscriptions? At first, Vu seems a lot like the cable or satellite package you may already have, but searching through show listings using Vu will be a lot more like looking for something on the Internet.

Since Vu will be internet-based, it makes sense that the new service would be highly customizable and searchable. What you won’t get with Vu are various digital outlets like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, though it’s possible that these three popular options will be included in the Vu service at a later time (Sony is apparently in talks with these companies to work something out for Vu users).

Pricing Remains Unseen

Sony has not told press how much the Vu service will cost users. However, some speculate that the price will be around $60 per month, which is lower than most cable or satellite bills. Sony is directly competing with cable and satellite providers, though, so it does make sense that the company’s new Vu will be a lot less expensive than what cable and satellite companies can offer.

Sony is just one of the first in a long line of companies that will be attempting to offer people an alternative to cable and satellite TV. Since many consumers are now going without cable or satellite due to increasing costs, something like the Sony PlayStation Vu service is very appealing. While this attempt might be attractive to some, though, it’s likely to other people looking for a satellite or cable option will be largely turned off by the monthly fee - most people cutting the cable cord are looking to pay per channel watched, not agree to another monthly cost.