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  • This Is Not Your Momma’s Polaroid
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Ah, the days of the Polaroid camera. Those bulky beasts used to pop out slightly faded, fantastic photos in an instant. Today’s digital cameras snap photos just a quickly, but printing those photos out is another story. Most people don’t even bother to print out digital photos because of the hassle factor. But, what if you could snap a photo with a camera and then print that same photo minutes later? Leave it to Polaroid to come up with a modern digital camera that prints photos just like a Polaroid should.

Polaroid stepped away from the camera game a few years ago. Under pressure from other digital camera manufacturers, Polaroid no longer had a market. Instead of developing cameras, Polaroid began making small printers that could be attached to any number of devices. Now, Polaroid is back in business with the Z2300. This digital camera can shoot and print with focus, excellent imagery, and everything you love about modern day digital offerings.

This Polaroid Has Some New Tricks

The Z2300 is all grown up. This camera doesn’t look anything like those Polaroid’s of old, but it does have a nice rainbow stripe across the body just to remind you that you are using a Polaroid. When snapping photos, the Z2300 proves to produce some decent shots according to various reviews. But, the great thing about this camera is, of course, that it can print out any digital photo you take. Polaroid has developed a no-smudge print paper developed by Zink. This paper also includes an adhesive side. When the protective paper is removed, that newly printed photo can be stuck anywhere your heart desires. Just think about crafting projects, albums, decorating a desk space, or just sticking a bunch of digital photos around your home – finally, photos are free from the digital space!

In addition to a great new paper, the Z2300 also has some great features. For one, this camera comes with a video recording option. You can also edit photos directly from the camera’s interface with the Polaroid editing tools. Another great feature is the built-in display, which is pretty standard these days but still helpful. I should also point out that you don’t have to wait for your photo to appear in order to print a picture. You can simply focus, snap, and print right away. The only drawback to the Z2300 is that it doesn’t include an optical zoom. I’m not sure why Polaroid didn’t include this feature, but it is definitely something that the company should consider adding to the next Polaroid digital.

A Really Good Digital Option

When all is said and done the Z2300 is a great digital camera option. If you love instantly printed pictures, Polaroid is most trusted brand on the market (and has been for decades). The Z2300 doesn’t disappoint. In order to have this Polaroid in your pocket (it does fit into bags easily), you will have to shell out $160. The Polaroid Z2300 would make a great holiday gift, birthday present, or gift for any other occasion – it’s also a great camera to take on vacation with you.