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  • Election Addict? This App Lets You Take Part In the Action
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Warning: this app is for serious political addicts! The PollTracker app is the newest election app, and it’s an app for those who can’t get enough of the polls. As you might have guessed by the name of this app, PollTracker brings you the very latest poll information. Even better, PollTracker sends down to the second poll information direction to your iPhone, so you don’t even have to open up the app to see what’s happening. If you’re not really into (and I mean seriously dedicated) poll numbers and rankings, this isn’t the app for you. On the other hand, if you love everything about U.S politics, PollTracker is the one app that you absolutely must download.

How PollTracker Works

A poll tracking app that only gathered polling data from one source might be considered biased. But, PollTracker goes the extra mile to snag polling data from more than once source, so you can be sure that the information you are getting is really the latest available. PollTracker takes some of its poll details from the major poling resource that is Gallup, and it also includes data from Rasmussen (two reliable polling sources).

The potential for hacking and messing around with voters through this app is great (after all it’s easy to show one person ahead of the other, even if that’s not the case), which is why PollTracker doesn’t just rely on one bit of information. In addition to providing you with the latest polling numbers, PollTracker also lets you view polling information, as you want to see it. After all, viewing poll details can be tricky, so PollTracker makes it a lot simpler.

Customization Options

Users can view polling details two ways. The first is to look at polling averages. The second is to view very detailed polling information. Really, how you view the polls is up to your personal preferences. If you go the detailed route, you can check out polling information according to various demographics like gender and age. If you just want quick and basic details, you can check out polling data based on averages. It’s interesting to view both types of polling data if you really want to get a handle on the current election (less than 100 days away, by the way).

Push Notifications

There’s nothing more annoying than being forced to open up an app every time you wan to view something new. So, PollTracker comes with push notifications that will provide you with the details you want to see from your lock screen. Just glance at your phone to see who’s ahead in the poll (party members, take note). Even though Android users vote, this app is for iPhone users only. The developers behind the app have decided to keep PollTracker for iPhone users this time around, but there’s a possibility that the app will spread to other platforms during future elections. If you have an iPhone and you want to see what’s happening in the polls, check out PollTracker, available now in the App Store (this app is free, and it does work in Canada!).