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  • Polywell Ignition X7900i-3960 Desktop: Expensive But Worth A Look!
Technology Articles > Computers > Desktops > Polywell Ignition X7900i-3960 Desktop: Expensive But Worth A Look!

In a world filled with tablets and laptops, desktop CPUs are hardly mentioned. However, plenty of companies are still putting out excellent desktop options packed to the brim with stellar hardware. The Polywell Ignition X7900i-3960 isn’t moderately priced at nearly $4599 (quite high!), but it does come with some things that might warrant this price. If you’re in the market for a new desktop, here’s what the Polywell Ignition has to offer.

Brimming With Hardware

The most important aspect of any desktop is what’s inside of it. The Polywell Ignition doesn’t bode all that well design-wise, but it does come with some interesting parts. Kicking off the Ignition’s hardware list is an Intel Core i7-3960X processor. If you’re familiar with all the intimacies of Intel’s processor lineup, you know that this particular processor is valued at $1000, so that makes up for some of the Ignition’s $4000+ price tag. You’ll also two (not one, but two) Nvidia Geforce GTX 590s GPU cards. Each of these cards includes 3GB of RAM, not bad at all.

Of course, a highly priced and highly powerful processor like the Intel Core i7-3960X processor has to be backed up by a good amount of RAM, and the Polywell Ignition doesn’t disappoint. This desktop is packed with 32GB of RAM (1333MHx DDR3). This desktop can certainly perform well from all sides including the media side of things with a DVD burner and a LG Blu-ray burner. You’ll also find a 3TB 7200-rpm hard drive is included in this desktop for all of your media needs. Some might find the lack of motherboard space slightly off-putting (this desktop comes with an Asus P9X79-WS motherboard, though all slots are full), but this system does come with more than enough components to keep most people happy.

Accessibility and User-Ease

Playing around inside of a system can be fun, but moving things around inside of the Polywell Ignition can be a bit tricky. Even though this desktop does come with front panel drive trays that are easy to open – gone are the days of cracking open a case – there isn’t too much space inside of this desktop to move things around. As mentioned though, you’ll find that this system comes with more than enough storage and other components, so you might not be inclined to crack it open and mess around. If switching things around is what you aim to do, this is not the system for you.

So, one has to wonder, do all the cards and components inside of the Polywell Ignition add up to more than $4000? This reviewer is under the impression that the Ignition is slightly overpriced, slightly. The Ignition does perform well and it will be hard to find a system that’s packed with more than this one offers, but that price tag is still on the very high side. You’ll also have to keep an eye on your energy bill, since the Ignition comes with a 1250W power supply – quite a power hungry desktop!