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  • These Apps Will Keep Your Life Anonymous
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Social networking can drive a person mad. Not only are social networks completely invasive, but also it’s hard to avoid anyone wanting to friend you on any network.

Well, it was hard at least. Now, it’s much easier thanks to a slew of new apps focused on keeping people hidden from social networks for good. If you are tired of people finding you on any network, these apps are for you.

The Cloak App

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to have an invisibility cloak? To be able to hide from people when you don’t want to be found? That’s what Cloak is all about. This app uses information from all of your social networks (geographical details, mostly) to warn you if one of your Facebook or Instagram or other friends is in the neighbourhood. This way, you can turn the other direction if you don’t want to run into anyone unexpectedly (which might not be such a coincidence these days).

The Anomo App

Is there anything about your life that everyone on every social network you belong to doesn’t already know about you? Can you keep anything private? Anything at all? If you have Anomo, you can simply start to reveal things about yourself on social networks bit by bit, so that people can’t find out all about you at once. Anomo is really quite refreshing, and that’s why thousands of people have already signed up for this app. You can interact with other people in anonymity, and reveal your true identity when you feel like it – not right away. This app gives you a lot more privacy, and it’s a great way to ease yourself into social networking.

The Split App

Split is just like Cloak, really, but it’s another option if Cloak isn’t for you. Split lets you hide when people are around too, so that you can avoid any strange encounters – very useful and simple to set up.

Other Apps that Aim to Please

Sometimes we just have to tell people things, but we don’t want the whole world to know about those things. When that happens, there are places that you can go to sound off to the world without letting anyone know who you are or what you’re doing. Places like the website Whisper that lets you post anonymous comments on the site for other people to see, but nobody can tell who you are. The point of all these apps and sites is that people are getting really tired of sharing every last secret of their lives and about their private lives on social networks. So, some really smart app startups are cashing in on privacy – and I’m not going to complain.

If you want to keep things under wraps, check out one of the sites listed above. When it comes to keeping things a secret these days, all you have to do is use a clever app. Otherwise, you may just run into someone you really don’t want to see in addition to seeing every post in every news feed!