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  • The Razer Nabu X is a Cheap Fitness Tracking Band
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Razer is a company that focuses mostly on things like gaming. But once in a while, Razer comes out with a more consumer-oriented product like the Nabu X. The concept for the Nabu X was originally introduced back in 2014 when the concept product was just called the Nabu.

Razer just unveiled the Nabu X in Vegas, and now the device is on market shelves and you can really pick one up for around $25 with the current promotion that’s happening.

What is it and do you really want it? Here’s a closer look.

A Bizarre Set Up

For some reason, Razer didn’t include everything that this wristband can do in one app. Instead, you’ll have to install three different iOS apps in order to use your Nabu X. The first app that you will have to download is the Razer Utility app. This app shows you things like the band’s remaining battery power, and sleep tracking along with alarm set up.

The second app that you will have to install is the Home app. This app lets you view the band’s stats directly from your iPhone widget setup. Why Razer didn’t combine the Home and Utility app is somewhat puzzling, but that’s the way it is. Then there’s the general Razer app which pretty much controls everything else. Once you have the three apps up and running, your Nabu X should work rather well.

What It Does

Razer has added some interesting features to the Nabu X wristband. Aside from acting as a rather effective alarm clock (testers have reported that the vibration the band gives off is super hard to ignore), Razer has also added a sort of social feature that may or may not be useful.

If you meet someone else that’s wearing the Nabu X band, you can shake hands with that person and automatically exchange contact details like Facebook and Twitter details. You can also compare activity information with the person you are shaking hands with. Will you shake hands with a ton of people that are wearing the Nabu X? Maybe. If you do, this is a fast way to exchange details.

The Nabu X is also color coded. The LED lights on the band will light up whenever a notification has been sent. Green indicates that you have received some kind of notification, red indicates that you have an alarm going off, and blue indicates that you have an incoming phone call. With these colors, figuring out what’s happening with your band is pretty simple to do.

The Fitness Details

The Razer band will tell you how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, the distance that you’ve traveled, and how you are sleeping. All of this is relatively basic information that can be gained with any fitness band or app, though, so it’s not mind-blowing.

The real reason you might buy a Nabu X is that it’s cheap. The band retails for $50, but right now you can get in on a deal that Razer is offering and pick one up for $25. So, if you want a fitness band that’s basic and cheap, the Nabu X is the one to pick.