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  • This Razer Laptop Has Three Screens
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Gamers rejoice! The newest Razer laptop that debuted at CES this year has not one, not two, but three screens.

The computer looks bulky at first, but that’s only because the one screen that you see initially actually folds out into two more - making this the first gaming PC that does so. More screens equals more fun but that’s not all Razer has tucked up its sleeve.

The Big Advantage

Razer has told those that attended CES that the three screens included in this laptop prototype will deploy with the flick of a button. Once the button is pushed, the screens automatically lock into place. The obvious advantage here is that gamers will have one large and long continuous screen to play on.

The laptop (currently being called ‘Project Valerie’) has three 17” screens, which (as you can probably guess) makes this laptop rather bulky. But that bulkiness comes at the cost of having those additional two screens, so maybe it’s worth the less appealing casing. It’s also easy to see that this laptop isn’t like the other ones that Razer puts out.

Other Razer offerings are sleeker and slimmer, so this is a definite departure (but for good reason).

Inside the Beast

I’m calling this laptop a beast because it’s not your slim and slick laptop in the least (so don’t expect to tote it around much!). Inside the newest Razer prototype there’s a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 processor and the whole thing runs on Nvidia G-sync technology. This is the latest offering from Nvidia and it’s pretty much the only thing you need to play games at the level you want to be playing them at.

Cost and Details

So how much does a laptop with three screens cost? Well, that’s the question that a lot of gamers want to know. So far, Razer hasn’t released any real cost details. There’s also no availability news happening. So for now, this new laptop is somewhat of a concept. Razer is testing the waters with the debut at CES too.

I’ve been looking over some of the comments on this laptop on various websites, and I’ve noticed two things. First, the laptop is really in demand by some gamers that want bigger and longer screens and don’t care about portability. Second, some gamers don’t care at all about this laptop and just want one that will function properly and last a long time. So which side are you on?

Some Thoughts

It’s a pretty great idea to combine one laptop screen into three - especially since Razer promises the three will snap into place with one push (no adjustments necessary). At the same time, though, is it necessary? Do you really need a larger screen? In this gamer’s assessment, yes.

Yes, I do. I need one that compares to my TV - then again, I can just use my TV to game if I really want to stretch it all out. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see what Razer puts on this laptop for a price tag. Stay tuned.