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  • PlayBook Steps Up with PressReader
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From apps to tablets, news services are in high-demand these days. Consumers want the latest news right now, and they don’t want to wait for a print paper to hit the doorstep.

This is the main reason why companies like BlackBerry are investing heavily in news development services and apps. Research In Motion just announced that future PlayBook tablets will come with PressReader – an already popular tablet news service.

Research in Motion has been looking for lots of ways to get with the times, since criticism surrounding the company’s smartphone and tablets often mentions the word “dinosaur.” Seemingly, RIM’s latest decision to include PressReader with all new PlayBook tablets is just another way for the company to compete with tablets that are already on the market.

PressReader: Not a New Tablet Addition

Various tablets already come with PressReader. The iPad already comes with PressReader. Likewise, various Android and Windows tablets are pre-loaded with this news service. So, why would adding PressReader to the PlayBook may any real difference as far as RIM’s tablet sales go? Because, people who like RIM products are ever-loyal to this brand.

The fact of the matter is that there’s nothing wrong with the PlayBook. This tablet is just as strong as most other tablets on the market. The big reason why the PlayBook isn’t selling as much as RIM hoped is that the PlayBook isn’t the iPad. RIM is hoping that the addition of PressReader will put the PlayBook on par with Android, iPad, and Windows tablets. Any way you slice it, this is nothing but a positive move for RIM.

Why PressReader is So Great

So, what’s the deal with PressReader? If there are a number of news services just like this one on the market, why are all the tablet manufacturers lining up for PressReader? PressReader claims that the news this service receives is the latest news possible. PressReader projects news before any article hits any newsstand across the country. Drawing from online news sources, PressReader is able to get ahead of the crowd and offering readers a fresh news perspective.
PressReader won’t come for free though.

RIM has told press that users will have to pay around $0.99 per issue. It’s also possible to purchase a paid monthly subscription through the PressReader website (this might be a better deal). All of this is very interesting news, but you also might want to consider that there are lots of free news apps available for smartphones. If you have to have the PressReader app, you’ll have to pay for this news. Otherwise, check out some free apps that are available through various smartphone marketplaces.

Availability of the new PlayBook

RIM hasn’t stated when the pre-loaded PlayBooks will hit the market. However, one might assume that RIM wants to get these tablets out there prior to the holiday season (if there’s enough time). If there’s one company that can stand a boost in sales, it’s Research In Motion, and there’s no time like the holiday time to get the ball rolling.