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  • RNKD: Get Rewards for Clothes You Own
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Do you have a closet full of clothes? Got a sneaker fetish or collect watches? If you love to shop, the new website and iOS app RNKD is definitely for you. This site was founded by the person behind Zappos.com, and it’s about to take the retail world by storm (you just don’t know it yet!). So, what is RNKD and why should you go download this app of sign up online now?

Essentially, RNKD is an online shopping site – but wait, it’s much more than that. RNKD allows you to sign up for an account, snap photos of clothes, shoes, accessories, and other items that you already own, and gain points for uploading these items. The points that you gain can win you gift certificates and discounts on your favourite brands. Here’s how RNKD works (tried and tested by yours truly!).

Signing Up for RNKD

If you head to the RNKD website (www.rnkd.com), you will be asked to enter your email, a password and upload a personal photo. Once you’ve done all of this, you will have a chance to snap photos of the clothes already in your closet, enter the brand name of each item, and categorize the items that you have. The more pictures you upload, the better chance you have of winning a prize.

Let’s talk prizes. The developers behind RNKD really want you to like this site. That’s why there are all kinds of prizes that you can win. If you’re new to the site, you can win a prize for uploading the most clothes as a newbie.

You can also wind prizes for adding other users to your page, following other users, and getting badges. Really, RNKD combines social networking with closet organizing. Most of the prizes (at the time of this writing) are Zappos coupons, but who couldn’t use a $50 or $500 coupon from Zappos right before the holiday season? Sure, competition on this site is fierce (hard to compete with someone who has a massive closet and lots of time to snap pics), but the site itself is a lot of fun.

Further, RNKD has made the website and iOS app very easy to use. Both the site and app work together, so you can snap to your heart’s content. What are you doing this weekend? Why not clean out your closet and snap a few photos in the process? RNKD developers claim that retailers may provide some users with deep brand discounts if you have enough of one product. Right now, RNKD is still a new site, but it’s quickly gaining users.

From a Retail Perspective

Of course, retailers get to know a lot about their consumers from RNKD too. If you happen to be a retailer, try to hook up with RNKD. If you offer some coupons or other discounts, you may find that you will know a lot more about your target market through RNKD than through any other marketing tactic. RNKD is really a win-win situation for both buyers and retailers no matter how you slice it.

How to Sign Up

All you have to do is head to the RNKD site and sign up. Don’t forget to invite friends to join RNKD too – the more people you invite, the better your chances are for gaining a valuable coupon or two!