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  • The New ROCCAT Ryos Gaming Keyboard
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Serious gamers know how important a good keyboard is. There’s nothing worse than a keyboard that doesn’t respond or isn’t accurate when gaming. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of gaming keyboards on the market.

But, whenever a new one comes along that’s really unique, it’s definitely worth writing about. The latest gaming keyboard to surface is from ROCCAT. The keyboard is called the Ryos, and it has more than a few things to grab the attention of any serious gamer.

Inside the Ryos Keyboard

It should first be pointed out that the Ryos keyboard will not be available until after this coming week’s CES conference. That said, ROCCAT has debuted the details of this keyboard already. The Ryos is a mechanical keyboard that comes with two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors; per-key lighting (so that each key is backlit); 2MD of internal flash storage; an SDK; and four Cherry MX key switches. Needless to say, the Ryos has it all.

ROCCAT has announced that the Ryos will start to ship during the first quarter of 2013. ROCCAT has not attached a price to the Ryos keyboard just yet, but it’s safe to assume that a gaming keyboard of this caliber will come with a higher price tag. The Ryos is definitely a gaming keyboard and will make lots of gamers happy when it does hit markets. In the meantime, there are some other great gaming keyboards already out that will be worth comparing to the Ryos when the time comes.

Comparable Gaming Keyboards

The Logitech G19 keyboard has been a great option for many gamers this past year. Logitech’s G19 comes with a game panel LCD; video playback, VOIP communication; and a slew of programmable keys. Another keyboard worth a look is the Razer Lycosa Backlit Keyboard that simply has great touch sensitivity and nicely lit keys.

The Logitech G19 has a high $129 price tag while the Razer Lycosa can be purchased for $69.99. Presumably, ROCCAT will price its new Ryos between these top sellers or simply aim for the higher priced market at more than $100. If you’re new to the gaming keyboard world, it’s also important to consider each type of keyboard prior to purchase.

Mechanical or Rubber

Essentially, mechanical keyboards are far more responsive than rubber keyboards. When it comes to gaming, responsiveness is important. Mechanical keyboards also tend to last longer than rubber keyboards, but mechanical options also tend to be on the high side when it comes to price. Both the Logitech G19 and the Razer Lycosa are rubber keyboards, while ROCCAT has decided to go with a mechanical setting for its new Ryos.

Stay tuned for more information about ROCCAT’s new Ryos mechanical keyboard after the upcoming CES conference. There’s no doubt that ROCCAT will not be the only gaming keyboard or accessory company at CES, but it’s one of the few upcoming gaming products that I have my eye on. ROCCAT debuted details about the Ryos gaming keyboard ahead of the CES conference in order to generate interest in the keyboard. ROCCAT is a newcomer to the North American market (based in Germany).