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  • Why Rosetta Stone May Not Work For You
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Time and again, people seeking to learn a foreign language purchase Rosetta Stone software. Rosetta Stone has spent a fortune on advertising, which may be the main reason why people automatically associate these programs with language. Unfortunately, most people wind up returning the Rosetta Stone program that was originally purchased.

This occurs for a number of reasons, but the main reason is that Rosetta Stone is overly complex. Unlike other programs, Rosetta Stone doesn’t slowly transition learners from one language to the next. Instead, these programs drop you feet first into the foreign language of your choice. This tactic may work for some, but most people wind up frustrated and confused.

The Rosetta Stone Philosophy

The idea behind the Rosetta Stone software family is to treat each language from a child’s perspective. More precisely, from a baby’s perspective. Children are not given an option when it comes to language. Instead, children simply learn a language through trial and error, and with the help of mom and dad. Well, consider Rosetta Stone your software parents should you decide to use this program. You won’t have a choice but to learn by default.

Interface Difficulties

If you’re going to attempt to use Rosetta Stone, you have to understand one thing: this program begins teaching from the moment you pop the CD into your computer. You won’t find any instructions in your native tongue. You’ll also be hard-pressed to understand how to navigate this complex program, since every aspect of the program is written or defined in a foreign language.

Even if you do understand how to navigate a page in another language, you may find it difficult to figure out a program’s interface anyway. Rosetta Stone has spent a good deal of time attempting to figure out how people learn best. Unfortunately, this developer has skipped over updating the program’s interface.

Time Marches Onward

As other language programs have entered the market, many people are choosing these programs over Rosetta Stone. This may be due to the fact that Rosetta Stone developers seem to be stuck in their ways. Instead of creating a program that evolved with the changing times, Rosetta Stone programs are very similar to the way they first were many years ago.

Since most people are now familiar with a certain type of interface, Rosetta Stone simply seems archaic. Coupled with the aforementioned language problem, Rosetta Stone software leaves many people feeling overwhelmed.

Price Is Important

As with any other kind of software, the price of language software is important. If you plan on moving to another country where speaking a foreign language is an absolute must, Rosetta Stone (with its quirks and high price tag) may be for you. If you are simply going on vacation, skip the lure of the Rosetta Stone.

These programs are not cheap or inexpensive or realistically affordable. The average Rosetta Stone program costs around $200 (at the time of this writing). That’s a lot to pay for a program that’s somewhat outdated, confusing, and not necessarily the best foreign language educator. If you have your heart set on a Rosetta Stone program, be prepared to cough up the cash.