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  • Rovio and Walmart Team Up
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Angry Birds Space (the next Angry Birds game installment) will launch tomorrow (March 22nd). In order to drum up excitement for the upcoming game debut, Rovio has teamed up with one of the biggest retailers on the planet: Walmart. Select Walmart locations across the United States will sell limited edition Angry Birds merchandise including plush toys, foods, and other items. In return for purchasing these items, consumers will find “Golden Eggsteroid” clues that will help game players unlock levels and various game features.

In addition to the Walmart partnership, Rovio is also enticing Angry Birds fans to check out the new game by adding Golden Eggsteroids to the brand’s Facebook page. If you currently have a Facebook account and enjoy what Angry Birds has to offer, you will find plenty of hidden clues by taking a careful look at Rovio’s Facebook page – just remember that these clues are truly hidden, so make sure to look carefully!

Angry Birds Space

Quite amazingly, Angry Birds is still one of the most popular mobile games available. Even though other games like Words With Friends and Draw Something are gaining in popularity, no other game maker has been able to compete with those loveable birds. The upcoming Angry Birds Space game will include a space background, plenty of birds, and, presumably, some space pigs. Rovio has been putting out small teaser videos on the company’s website for a few weeks now, and the game is highly anticipated by all who love anything Rovio has to offer.

It’s interesting to note that Rovio is entirely dependent upon the Angry Birds franchise at the moment. Even though Rovio has developed other video games in the past, Angry Birds is the only game that has gained a lot of attention – more than 500 million downloads. Will Rovio strike it big again with the new Angry Birds Space game or has the Angry Birds craze finally fizzled out?

Next Up: An Angry Birds TV Show

The minds behind Rovio know that the Angry Birds empire won’t last forever. That’s why Rovio is doing as much as it can with Angry Birds before the game fizzles out completely. Rumor has it that Rovio will soon be developing a television show based on the Angry Birds game. This would be a first for the company, but it’s an interesting route to take all the same. Angry Birds has had a large amount of success game-wise, and Rovio might just find that television enthusiasts won’t be able to get enough of those crazy birds too.

It will be interesting to watch and see how the Rovio story continues to unfold over the next few months. From the upcoming Angry Birds Space game to a Walmart venture and then to a television show, it doesn’t look like those angry birds will be going anywhere anytime soon. Is this too much of a good thing? Only time will tell for the gaming company that started small and grew much bigger than them all.