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  • Keep On Running With these Headphones
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Running tunes help the miles pass quickly. There are so many different ways to listen to music while you run too. Smartphones, iPods, and a myriad of other devices make it a cinch to synch your feet with the beat of a snappy tune. There’s just one problem: so many headphones fail when it comes to running.

Some headphones don’t have a long enough cord. Other headphones slip and slide the whole way through a run. Neither scenario is desired. Thankfully, some headphone manufacturers have figured out that runners are serious athletes who require serious headphones. These skillful manufacturers have created some headphones that all runners should test out.

Note: since all earbuds are different, try to test them out before you buy a pair. If this isn’t possible, consider whether you prefer an earbud or a wraparound band – runners have the choice between these two styles.

H20 Audioflex Earbuds

Here at R-TT, it’s tough to impress us. We’ve seen a lot and tested a lot, but the H20 Earbuds managed to catch us by surprise. These earbuds seem to have what all other earbuds lack: they’re completely waterproof. Notice how we didn’t say “water-resistant?” That’s because the H20 earbuds aren’t resistant – they’re actually waterproof.

You can sweat, swim, and take a dip in the tub with the earbuds. Even better, they’re comfortable to wear, don’t slip out of your ears, and come in a variety of very pleasing colors. If you sweat a lot while you run, you won’t be disappointed by the H20 Audioflex Earbuds.

Woodees iESW201B Sport

Some hardcore audiophiles believe that wood is the best conductor of sound. That’s why a number of home audio systems are encased in wood. But, it’s hard to find earbuds that have truly great sound in addition to being comfortable enough to wear while running. Woodees Sport earbuds have managed to combine both comfort and excellent sound into a set of tiny, wooden, earbuds.

Not only at these earbuds excellent sound-wise, but they also come with detachable ear clips. This is idea for the runner who likes the idea of ear clips, but doesn’t want to be stuck with clips at all times (sometimes clips aren’t practical, after all). The Woodees Sport earbuds will provide great sound while also providing flexibility. If sound is what you’re after, these earbuds will do the trick.

H20 Audio Sportswrap Waterproof

Listen to tunes while your surfing? Why not. Listen to tunes while competing in a triathlon? You bet! H20 is known for creating the best waterproof earbuds and headphones on the market. The H20 Audio Sportswrap is no exception to this rule. The Sportswrap can be wrapped around your head with the help of a very comfy headband. Since the earbuds are completely waterproof, you won’t have to worry about running your buds when you go for a dip after that long run.

While some runners may find the Sportswrap a bit cumbersome for the average run, others will find this ingenious design very fitting. If you get the chance, test out the Sportswrap before you buy a set of these earbuds. Sound-wise, the Sportswrap earbuds are as great as they come.