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  • The Samsung Galaxy Gear Ships to 800,000 Retailers
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Imagine this: you've just created a new device. You let the world's tech critics test out that device. They hated it. Everyone thinks your nuts. What do you do? If you are in charge over at Samsung's main office, you start manufacturing and shipping those devices, of course!

Samsung (despite lashings from critics) has managed to prove the world wrong when it comes to the company's Galaxy Gear Smartwatches. So far, Samsung has shipped 800,000 of these watches - not bad for a device that most thought was garbage!

Why The Interest?

Why would so many retailers (the 800,000 is in relation to watches shipped to retailers) want a watch that most have no faith in? For starters, Samsung didn't spare any expense where advertising was concerned. The company spent tons of money (there's no exact estimate right now) on marketing the watches. Advertisements were sent out through most channels and countries, and this lead to vast interest in the watches.

In addition, some people just think that this watch is cool - or will later be valuable for the sake of a collector's item. Samsung has also told press that the company will increase marketing and advertising efforts during the holiday buying rush. So, the watches are bound to fly off of shelves. What's included with the Samsung smartwatch?

Inside the Samsung Smartwatch

The first thing that you should note is that the Galaxy Gear watch is only compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 and Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Secondly, this watch will set you back $299 - that's not a low price. The other glaringly obvious drawback to this watch is that it's huge. If you are looking for a watch that blends in and doesn't get in your way, this isn't the watch for you.

The Gear is water-resistant and reliable, but it's not a discreet watch by any means. Plus, it is entirely dependant on the devices its compatible with. So, if you don't have a Galaxy Note 3 or Note 10.1 2014 Edition, you won't get any use out of this watch. Those are some hefty drawbacks.

Some Things to Like

The Gear does come with a built-in camera that could be a lot of fun, and you can use the built-in phone capabilities if you want to talk to your watch detective-style. Otherwise, it's hard to find too many amazing things about this watch. Still, it looks like retailers want to have the Gear in stock and ready for the holiday buying madness.

Should you buy one? As a collector's item, yes. As a watch that you'll want to wear every day...maybe not. What do you think of the Gear? Will you buy this smartwatch, or were critics originally right, and this watch is not work that $300? For my money, I'll save my $300 and spend it elsewhere...on something that's a lot more useful (and don't forget that you'll have to have compatible Samsung devices in order to use this watch!). Let me know what you think!