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  • Samsung’s New Muse MP3 Player
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Samsung created the Pebble MP3 players some months ago. But, the Pebble wasn’t available in North America, and it never will be. Well, technically, the Pebble won’t be something that you can purchase stateside. Why? Because Samsung has renamed the Pebble the Muse, and the Muse will be coming to a store near you very soon. In fact, Samsung should be selling the Muse today. While cheap, this MP3 player does come with a few drawbacks. In case you missed the initial release of the Pebble, here’s what you can expect to find.

A Replacement for Your Smartphone

Samsung’s goal in creating the Pebble was to provide users with a smartphone replacement. After all, running, biking, or participating in some other activity with an expensive smartphone is a risk. The Pebble came with 17-hours of battery life, 4 GB of memory, and a handy arm clip. The problem with the Pebble (now Muse) is that it was designed to work with the Galaxy S III. So, even though this MP3 player holds more than 1000 songs, you can’t use it if you don’t have a Galaxy III phone.

The Muse connects via USB and doesn’t come with Bluetooth or WiFi options. It’s also not possible to run the Muse straight from your desktop. So, why would anyone purchase this MP3 player if it’s lacking so many things? Well, it’s small and geared towards runners. It’s also a cheap alternative to any of the Apple iPods, if you have that Galaxy III phone. However, I will point out that this MP3 player doesn’t come with any kind of a screen, so you’ll have to choose your music without looking at your options – somewhat behind the times, it seems.

Design, Pricing, and Availability

The Muse looks more like an egg and less like a pebble. Samsung has covered the Muse in either pearl white or an incandescent purplish-blue color. The device will fit snugly in the palm of your hand, and can be clipped onto a shirt, but it’s really not the most attractive device on the planet. If you like the way the Muse looks, you can find this MP3 player for around $50 online through the Samsung site or through other retailers.

The Samsung Muse has just come to North America after enjoying a successful trip in other parts of the world. Seemingly, those who have purchased the player in other countries do not care that this device doesn’t come with a screen of any kind. Does a screen matter? It seems as though a MP3 player without a screen these days is somewhat silly, but perhaps I’m wrong.

Good Holiday Gift

If the lack of a screen doesn’t bother you, the Muse can be purchased starting today. Who knows, the Muse may also make a decent gift for someone on your holiday list. Especially if you have to buy a gift for someone who doesn’t particularly like screens or has a Samsung Galaxy III phone, the Muse might make sense.