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  • Samsung's New Serif TV Is Odd
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What do you want from a TV other than a great picture and excellent sound? Most people want a TV that fits snugly against the wall and is slim and unnoticeable.

Well, if that sums up what you want from a TV, don’t purchase the Samsung Serif TV. This TV was created to look more like a piece of furniture than a TV, so it’s anything but inconspicuous.

Sticking Out

Samsung collaborated with French design team Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to create the Serif and it shows. This TV really does look more like a piece of furniture than a TV with its thick sides and overall casing that is reminiscent of a bookshelf or other piece of furniture. As for the name of the TV, the designers told press recently that it was created with the letter “I” in mind when printed in Serif font (hence the name of the TV).

It’s hard to determine how this reviewer feels about the new Serif TV. On the one hand it does look like a piece of art, but on the other hand it is also a piece that is bound to age badly. You can’t sell a TV like you could a piece of actual art, so there’s not way that this TV will take much value over the years. So why would you want a TV that looks like a piece of furniture? It’s tough to say who this TV was created for, but it also comes with a back panel that’s covered in fabric to hide any holes and ports - adding to the strangeness of the design.

Prop it Up

You can also prop up the Serif TV on an easel to really create a focal point. If you want a functional TV that doubles as art, this is it. If you want a TV that blends into the background, this is definitely not the one to choose. As far as the sound and picture go, you’ve got Samsung quality sunk into the Serif TV, so don’t let the design fool you. This TV is every bit as good as you’ve come to expect from a company like Samsung.

The Serif TV is really a matter of personal preference. In some ways it’s nice to have an option when it comes to the standard TV design. In other ways, the Serif TV is truly bizarre. Would it fit well in your home? Maybe if you have a modern design going and you don’t plan to hang onto a TV for more than a couple of years (it will age badly, no doubt).

I also recommend choosing a neutral color (it comes in a few colors) in order to create that clean look the company seems to be going for. If you were to pick a darker color, you may not experience the modernity that is the Serif TV.

Where to Get It

If the Serif TV is exactly what you’ve been searching for as far as TVs go, you can pick one up by visiting the Samsung website. As far as the price goes, well, expect to pay for the design alone. This TV will retail for $772 (smallest size) and go all the way up to $1,855 for a larger version. The Serif TV will be available in the UK, France, Denmark, and Sweden before hitting the states, but you can check out the specs on the Samsung website.

What do you think of the Serif TV? Is this something that you’d purchase or not?