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  • Samsung’s Smart Dock: Turn Your Phone Into a Desktop
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The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a big phone. So big that some are calling it a tablet disguised as a phone. The Galaxy Note II measures 5.5-inches. Compare that to Apple’s 4.8 X 2.3-inch iPhone, and the Note looks like the giant it is. Samsung has recognized the Note’s unique tablet-phone hybrid status. By creating the Smart Dock for the Galaxy Note II, Samsung is also creating a sort of desktop option.

The Samsung Smart Dock

Technically, the Smart Dock is a dock. But, it also transforms the Galaxy Note II into a mini-desktop. Alongside the Smart Dock are various USB ports that will accommodate a mouse, keyboard, and other accessories nicely, in addition to a 3.5mm stereo out port. The dock also includes HDMI video. Heck, you can even hook up an external hard drive to this dock, if you really want to turn your Galaxy Note II into a desktop.

Right now, Samsung is showing photos of a white Smart Dock. It’s possible that the company may release additional colors too. Prior to bringing the Note II to North American markets, Samsung tested the phone overseas and gained rave reviews. So far, the Note II has gained favorable reviews in North America too. There’s just one thing that Samsung may have overlooked with the Smart Dock, though.

The price of this dock is $100. Sure, that’s less than you’d pay for any desktop available, but $100 for a dock is still a lot of coin. If you’re wondering what version of the Note the Smart Dock works with, Samsung has announced that the dock will work with both the flip phone and the hard case. The dock won’t work with other Samsung phones.

Not Quite a Desktop, But…

Even though the Smart Dock is being billed as a sort of desktop option, this dock won’t replace a really powerful desktop. You will still be using your phone to power the dock, and it is on the Android operation system. However, you may just find the Smart Dock useful if you happen to travel a lot or want to find a way to bring your work with you without lugging around a laptop.

It’s still debatable as to whether or not that $100 price tag is justified though. Certainly, this is not a desktop or dock or desktop dock option for everyone. Still, it’s an innovative product from Samsung, and it’s nice to see that Samsung isn’t hiding behind the fact that the Note II isn’t exactly a small phone.

The main thing to note here is that the Smart Dock includes three USB ports, and that’s why this dock is different. Quite possibly, you may see other companies developing similar docks in the near future, if Samsung’s Smart Dock proves to be useful, that is. You’ll have to wait a few more weeks to get your hands on a Smart Dock. The docks will be sold through the Samsung site exclusively. You can, however, pre-order a Note II in anticipation of the upcoming Smart Dock.