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  • The Samsung SynchMaster: Worth The Expense?
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With most consumers switching to tablets and laptops these days, one has to wonder if Samsung is crazy for creating a monitor that’s priced at over $1000. The only way to find out, of course, is to see what this monitor has to offer. At first glance, the SynchMaster doesn’t look like anything special, but it’s always what’s on the inside that counts.

SynchMaster Specs

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at the SynchMaster is that this monitor is thin – very thin. The actual width of the monitor measures 24.5 inches across and just 0.8 inches deep. With a black matte surface and a somewhat futuristic design, the SynchMaster is just as thin as you’d want any modern monitor to be. The only thing lacking from the actual design of this monitor is the fact that you can’t tilt or make it swivel – a monitor that can’t swivel these days is a monitor that might not sell for over $1000. Seemingly, the small swivel feature is something that Samsung overlooked, and this might hurt SynchMaster sales.

Interestingly, Samsung gave the SynchMaster a rather large base (measuring at 9.7 inches), which might or might not be a drawback depending on how you look at it. One thing is for sure though, this monitor won’t move too much with such a solid base and you don’t have to worry about tipping your new SynchMaster when you shake your desk or move around thanks to rubber feet with a solid grip.

The SynchMaster comes with a “Display Port” that includes DVI, USB upstream, and HDMI ports. You’ll also find two speakers installed at the bottom of the screen. If monitor colors and settings are your thing, you’ll appreciate all that Samsung has done in this manner. Five different presets come with this monitor, and you can adjust to your heart’s content – perfect for the gamer in you.

Back to That Price Tag

So, are all of the features mentioned above worth more than $1000? Right now, the SynchMaster isn’t available for in-store purchase and my review details come from the CNet crew, but it sure looks like the SynchMaster will be a hit with gamers and those who want a serious monitor. Will the SynchMaster sell to the average consumer? Probably not; since this monitor is still on the very high end of things.

Samsung hasn’t stated when the SynchMaster will be available for public sale, but I’m guessing that this monitor will be hitting store shelves very soon. Clearly, Samsung is aiming for the gaming crowd with the SynchMaster and those who are serious about gaming will want to check out what this monitor can do. CNet testers reported excellent color depths and the darkest of blacks when checking out the monitor, and it does come with a 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution, which should make playing games on this bad boy pretty impressive. Look for the SynchMaster when it hits store shelves sometime soon (and make sure to bring your wallet with you!).