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  • Samsung UN55C8000 55" 3D LED TV Review
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The Samsung 55” 3D LED TV UN55C800 is an outstanding TV at a reasonable price for what it offers.


With a 54 в…ќ” measurement and only 1 Вј” thick it can easily be mounted (though mounting brackets are not included) in just about any room.The Samsung UN55C800 comes with a stand, however, most people prefer to mount a TV of this size on the wall. The UN55C8000 is also reasonably light for its size. Weighing in at 41 lbs. with the stand and 35.7 lbs. without the stand, a single person can move this TV with relative ease. When getting ready to install or mount this TV, due to its size, it is recommended that you use help doing so.

3D Features

The 3D part of the TV is pretty reliable. The experience in its entirety may not be as good as you would find in the theatre, but for a home based setup it is sure to impress. You do have to purchase a 3D Blu-Ray player to be able watch in movies in 3D, as well as the battery operated 3D shutter glasses. Samsung does provide a fairly neat 2D to 3D conversion, however, it is not as good as watching 3D Ready content. Lacking 3D viewing does not take away from the thrill that this TV inspires watching cable TV shows and digital broadcasts in 2D.

Picture Quality

The UN55C8000 is a 240Hz 1080p television. The 240Hz is the refresh rate. The higher the number, the less motion blur. 240Hz is quite high even for today’s technology. Samsung also provides Auto Motion technology which comes in three presets: standard, clear, smooth, and custom.This helps the refresh rate with video processing for the best action and motion sequences possible. The 1080 means that the TV has 1080 vertical resolution lines. The ‘˜p’ means progressive scan over the old ‘˜i’ which meant interlacing.

Samsung has Ultra Clear Panel technology. What this does is provide the most luminescent colors, high image and shadow detail, and natural skin tones for the best picture experience. Also included is the Wide Color Enhancer. This technology helps with problems found in other back-lit LED TVs by vastly reducing corner light and the ‘˜clouding effect’ often found in dark scenes. The Micro Dimming Plus enhancer further engages in helping the TV give off brighter whites and deep black pictures.

Connectivity and Internet

The UN55C8000 is also setup with a QWERTY control and online capabilities. You can stream movies from Netflix, use Facebook or Twitter, video conference using Skype, and other online functions. All this without a PC being hooked up. Having said that, there is a PC connection port (rear) on the TV for high resolution PC use on this TV. Other connections included are 4 HDMI (for the best quality HD experience), 3 USB 2.0 for all your digital hookups, 2 composite video (1 shared with component), 1 component audio (rear), 1 digital audio (rear) and 1 PC audio (rear). This makes it easy to switch between all your electronic gear without having to unhook or reattach cables. The USB ports are nice for viewing pictures from your camera or video from cam-corders.

Sound and Speakers

The UN55C8000’s sound is very good as well. With two 15W speakers supporting Dolby Digital Plus and SRS TheaterSound HD this TV will immerse you right into the movie, show, or game your watching or playing.

Overall this is an incredible TV for your money that is sure to stand the times of technology upgrading.