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  • Sirius Edge Radio

Recently, Sirius announced the introduction of additional Sirius channels. Now, Sirius has created a car radio that will grant users the best possible access to those channels. The Edge Dock and Play Radio can do lots of things that other radios can’t. In fact, this radio can do so many things that you’re bound to be intrigued by this latest Sirius offering right away.

The good news is that the Edge Dock and Play Radio is already available through such electronic retailers as Best Buy. Even better, this radio is already on sale through Best Buy. At the time of this writing, you can purchase a brand-new Edge Dock and Play Radio for your car for only $139.99. Dare I say that this would make an excellent holiday gift for someone special on your list? Maybe that’s why Sirius is betting that the Edge Dock and Play Radio will become a hot holiday seller – quick, get in on the fun before the holiday rush!

Edge Has Some Great Features

What’s a car stereo without interesting and useful features? Sirius has made sure that consumers will be happy with the Edge Dock and Play Radio by adding some very cool features to this device. For starters, users can pause, rewind, and play any satellite radio song. So, there’s no need to feel sad if the song you’re signing your heart out to stops when you have to go inside of the grocery store – you can just play the song again (even rewind the song to those particularly interesting bits) once you get back into your car.

You’ll also love the display that Sirius has given the Edge. Reminiscent of an iPhone or iPod display, you’ll see full cover art and lots of color when any given song is playing – no more boring green lettering. Edge also provides users with the option of browsing for a new station while listening to another one. In short, you can search for a sports station while you are finishing up listening to your favorite song.

Just in case you don’t want your kids playing with the wrong satellite radio settings, Edge also comes with a lock and unlock feature. If you want to lock up a station, just activate the lock setting. If you want to unlock a station, all you have to do is unlock that setting. Really, this feature couldn’t be easier to use. I’ll also point out that you can pre-set up to ten different stations with Edge, and you can find out what the weather is with the press of one button. All of these features sound fairly impressive, don’t they?

New Sirius Channels

Of course, the Sirius Edge was created to provide users with quick and easy access to the latest Sirius channel lineup. These channels include a number of interesting stations like a yoga station, classic rock offerings, and some other adrenaline-pumping offerings. If you have the money to spend on a Sirius membership, you may as well look into the Edge. This radio was built for Sirius and for serious music lovers too.