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  • Skydog: Really Control Your Home Network
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Monitoring a home network is essential. Having complete control over who sees your network, who uses your network, and how you can decrease usage is what a new router, Skydog, does. This router providers home network owners with complete control and access to a network. How much control? Total control. But, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here.

PowerCloud Systems is the company behind Skydog. This company is a spin-off of Xerox PARC, and the company has just placed the Skydog devices on Kickstarter. This means that PowerCloud Systems is looking for funds. These funds, in turn, will help move the Skydog project forward. Why should you donate? Take a look at what Skydog will do.

Close Monitoring Made Easy

Do you know how many devices are currently connected to your home network? Are you aware when a device connects to your network? Skydog will make having this kind of information simple. The device will send out a text message when someone joins a network, and users will be able to remotely view and monitor a network.

Using Skydog, a home network can be customized too. Say, for example, that you're son or daughter has just joined your home network. Skydog sends you a text notice that a new device has joined the network, and you want to control the usage of that new device. With this router, you would be able to set limits.

How helpful would that be? You can also prevent random guests from joining your network and downloading a bunch of stuff. Essentially, Skydog just makes monitoring a home network simpler.

The Cost of A User-Friendly Network

You might expect a device like Skydog to be on the expensive side. But, this device is retailing for $79 through Kickstarter pre-order. When it hits shelves, Skydog will retail for $99. Those are both extremely reasonably prices for such a device. Not only are the makers behind Skydog searching for funding through the Kickstarter site, but Kickstarter is also acting as a promotional tool for the company.

Sometimes, you can simply get a better deal by buying a device through a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter. That's what PowerCloud Systems aims to do. As with any Kickstarter project, if you believe in the device, it's a good idea to donate. Even if you just purchase a Skydog router, you will be giving the company needed funds.

More Details About Skydog

You don't need to go through a whole new home network setup to use Skydog either. This device works with your current network. All you have to do is plug the device into an AirPort Express, and it should run seamlessly. PowerCloud Systems plans to start shipping the device in May of this year, so you won't have to wait a long time either.

Skydog has already gone through beta testing, and it proves to be every bit as great as it sounds. If you want to control your network, watch what your kids are doing, and see what's happening remotely, Skydog is a must-have device that's also affordable.