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  • The Sony Ericsson "Live With Walkman" Phone
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Even though smartphones are primarily phones, most smartphone users enjoy other aspects of these devices. Some people use their smartphones for social networking while others use their smartphones primarily for texting. Sure, you can use a smartphone for making phone calls, but this is the most basic function of a smartphone.

If other smartphone features weren’t equally, if not more, important than making phone calls, these phones wouldn’t be quite so popular. Now, music lovers can turn to the new Sony Ericsson “Live With Walkman” smartphone – a phone that’s solely dedicated to the sounds of music. This new smartphone is sure to entice some music lovers, but it may prove to be too little for genuine smartphone fans.

Don’t Stop the Music

Sony Ericsson is an interesting company. This company has produced a few smartphone before, but these phones are largely ignored by the larger smartphone population. It’s not that SE phones aren’t interesting, they are, it’s more that most Ericsson phones can’t compete with the Apple and other Android contenders out there. Sony Ericsson hopes that the new Live With Walkman phone will capture the attention of true audiophiles.

This phone features a dedicated music button and something that SE calls “Deep Facebook Integration.” Essentially, users can access Facebook in a number of ways without much trouble, which is something that Sony Ericsson is good at accomplishing. While the fact that this phone makes it simple to listen to music is intriguing, what’s not so intriguing are the other features that this phone has. For one, it’s on the small side.

Disappointing Features

The Live With Walkman phone is relatively compact with a 3.2-inch display. This is much smaller than the iPhone or other Android phones (such as the Samsung Galaxy). If a large display is what you’re after, the Live With Walkman phone is not your best bet. Inside the sleek white case is a front facing camera (5-megapixel) and 1GHz processor (as reported by TechCrunch).

There’s nothing wrong with these features, but this phone won’t replace most other Androids on the market and isn’t a contender for the iPhone. Then again, Sony Ericsson is targeting music lovers with the Live With Walkman phone, and, it seems, trying to hang onto that old Walkman name at the same time.

Who Will Like this Phone

If your goal is to find a smartphone that connects you with your music, the Live With Walkman phone might be for you. This phone does look rather cool, it is a great way to listen to tunes, and it seems sturdy enough to take on a run or bring to the gym. If you’re looking for a smartphone with a large display that’s ideal for making calls or texting, this may not be the phone for you. Then again, as with all smartphones, it might not be a bad idea to give the Live With Walkman phone a whirl when it hits store shelves.

Speaking of a release date, Sony Ericsson hasn’t mentioned an exact date yet, but this company doesn’t play the Apple game of keeping consumers in the dark. Instead SE reported that the Live With Walkman phone will be available sometime in late October. A price point has yet to be mentioned, though you can expect this phone to be priced competitively.