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Site metrics can drive a content manager or social media person insane. Page clicks, views per page, and traffic data is mind-boggling at times. But, it's also one of the best ways to tell who's been viewing your site content. Often, though, we forget about other aspects of a site that are just as important.

Here's what you should be looking at when it comes to site metrics - in addition to all those other things!

1. Social media reposts and retweets. Do you run some social media accounts? Are you keeping track of retweets and posts? No? Why not? You should be! Don't lose site of social media energy. The more that your brand is mentioned, tweeted, and shared, the more your brand gets out "there."

2. Locate the last page viewed. It's nice to note which page your site visitors check out first, but what about the page that those visitors view last? The last page viewed is the page that sent that visitor away. If you look at it this way, you can see why those last page metrics are super important.

3. Time on each page. How long are viewers staying on various pages? If someone only visits your homepage for thirty seconds and bounces off that page, you may want to create a new homepage. It really matters how long someone views each page on your site.

4. Unfollows! Do you know how many people follow your brand on Facebook or Twitter? Heck, even LinkedIn and Google Plus? While I'm not saying that you should obsess over every single unfollow or follower, you should have some ballpark idea of how many people currently view your posts. When a large number of people stop following you, there's probably a good reason why. Make note.

5. Customer service. You need someone to respond to posts on social media sites and on your blog. Make sure that you have a human responding to each person that takes time to post something. Mark that response time, and speed it up if it's seriously lagging behind.

Other Important Site Points

Metrics are really what makes a site happen, and what keeps popular sites popular. Without keeping an eye on those metrics, it's possible to create the wrong content or potentially target the wrong audience. But, there's another important factor too. You have to make sure that your content is really good. Bad content will be punished by Google now more than ever, so make sure that what you're posting is great.

There's a lot that goes into any website, and metrics is just a small part of it. Do you need to keep track of metrics? Absolutely. Do those metrics simply need to consist of page clicks and revenue points? Not at all. When it comes to metrics, make sure that you are tracking everything from time spent on last pages to time spent on first pages.

Your entire site matters in a one giant nutshell, so make sure to keep track of it all!