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  • Somfy’s TaHomA: The Ultimate Anti-Theft System
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I’m going to go ahead and bill the new TaHomA system by Somfy as the ultimate anti-theft system because that’s how I see most people using this device/app. But, I’m getting ahead of myself a bit here. Essentially, TaHomA is s system that allows homeowners to control all electronic aspects of a home from a PC, Mac, iPad, or iPhone. From lights to retractable awnings, everything inside of a home can be controlled by using TaHomA.

Somfy seems to be targeting the wealthy homeowner with this device, but there’s a lot of potential here for people who travel frequently or own two homes. TaHomA seems easy to use, the demonstration video is straightforward enough, and the pricing that will come with a TaHomA system seems fair considering the complexities of the program. Here are some additional details that will help clarify exactly what it is that TaHomA can do.

What TaHomA Does

If you are a homeowner, you probably have many different electronics inside of your home. You might have a few different lights, electronic blinds or awnings, and other devices. All of these electronics can be controlled with the TaHomA system. This software allows homeowners to control devices throughout a home all from a remote iPad, iPhone, or computer. This means that you can turn the lights on and off throughout your home while you are away from home.

As long as you have a solid Internet connection, you can control any device or electronic inside of your house using TaHomA. As you can see, there are lots of reasons why homeowners who travel a lot may want to own the TaHomA system. Unfortunately, this system is not easy to install, and installation will cost you some extra cash.


The TaHomA system alone will cost more than $2000+ if you want to control up to twelve devices at once. If you want to control less than twelve devices, this price will be lowered a bit. But, you will still have to pay for installation. The TaHomA system is not one that you can install on your own. Instead, specially trained TaHomA technicians must visit your home, equip everything in your home, and set up your system.

For many, the high price of TaHomA is worth it. For some, TaHomA is simply too expensive. In addition to controlling all of the electronics in your house, you can also set up different scenarios for each room in your home. Say, for example, you want to set up a morning scenario for your bedroom where the shades open and the lights turn on. You can do this from your iPad or iPhone. You can also change scenarios around, so that you can easily mix things up. Really, if you own this system, there’s no need to ask the neighbors to turn your lights on and off or to set your thermostats manually (TaHomA does this too).


If TaHomA sounds like a dream to you, you won’t have to wait too long for this program to arrive on the market scene. TaHomA will be available in retail stores beginning in early November. As with most other electronic devices that are being unveiled right now, TaHomA’s timing is not coincidental. After all, holiday shopping is just beginning.