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  • Sonos Play: 3

Sonos made a huge splash in the audio world when the company debuted the Sonos Play: 5 (S5). The Wi-Fi speaker system sounded great, was easy to use, and was impressive all around. The only drawback to the S5 was that this speaker system retailed for around $400, which isn’t crazy, but is still more than the average person wants to pay for a Wi-Fi speaker system.

In case you aren’t familiar with S5, here’s how it works: the Sonos S5 is a wireless speaker that you can connect to your playlist, iPhone, iPod, and virtually any kind of streaming music service. You can add up to sixteen speakers to the main S5 speaker, so that you can play music in every room at the same time. It is also possible to play different music in each room using the S5.

In short, the S5 was a truly wonderful speaker system that was (and still is) worth the coin. Now that the S3 has come along, many reviewers are giving this system a positive mark.

The Play: 3 Difference

First, let’s state the obvious. The main difference between the Play: 3 and the S5 is price. The latest Sonos speaker system retails for around $299. The original version starts at around $399. This one-hundred dollar difference makes the Play: 3 far more accessible than the S5. If you want to hook up more than one speaker to the Play: 3, you’ll need to purchase the wireless bridge system ($49).

The other obvious difference is that the Play: 3 is a lot smaller than the S5. These speakers can fit into tight spaces making them ideal for smaller apartments or other tight areas. Sound-wise, the Play: 3 sounds every bit as great as the S5 according to various reviews. So, why is the Play: 3 less expensive?

Inside the Sonos Play: 3

Well, it’s the insides the count when discussing a speaker system. The Play: 3 comes with three digital amplifiers, a woofer, and a tweeter. The S5 is packed with a lot more parts. But, does this really matter when it comes to sound? Apparently not.

When played side-by-side, the Play: 3 sounds only slightly different. Further, this slight difference can only be noticed by the most discerning audiophiles. The bass on this speaker system is ideal, the sound is as tight as it gets, and the overall performance is great. Not to mention the fact that you can control the Play: 3 from your portable device (including iPhone and Android phones).


The thing that will really catch your eye is the look of the Play: 3. This speaker system is quite compact, but it still manages to be stylish. Instead of sticking out like a cheap plastic system, the Play: 3 is sleek and compact. If you’re currently in the market for a Wi-Fi system that has received rave reviews, the Play: 3 system is well worth looking into.At $299, the Sonos Play: 3 is sure to make an impact throughout the sound world.