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  • The Sonos Playbase

Sonos is covering both the wall mounting and table standing market with the company’s new Playbase.

The Playbase is something of a soundbar, only it’s wider and flatter and was built to sit underneath your TV. The white version of the Playbase kind of reminds me of the Wii base unit (the original one), but there’s a black version as well.

Why would you want a Playbase?

Answering Questions

The Sonos Playbase sounds good - maybe even better than other pedestal sound bars or sound systems or whatever you want to call them. Reviews on the sound have been positive all around. If you want to listen to music or watch a movie, the Playbase is a good alternative to a traditional speaker set.

You can also configure the Playbase to work with other Sonos speakers to create an entirely wireless surround sound system. So if you have purchased any of Sonos’s speakers in the past, this might be something you’ll want to look into as well.

Plus, Sonos makes it simple to set up the Playbase (like most of its products, this one is user-friendly), and you don’t really have to be bothered with what’s inside of the Playbase if you prefer to just look at the few buttons on the front of the speaker.


The Playbase also works well with any gaming console you want to hook up to it. So you can listen to games through the speaker system with just a few plug ins. Sonos has also developed the Playbase to connect seamlessly with your remote. The one hangup here (and it won’t be a hangup for most people) is that you do need an Android or iOS device in order to connect the Playbase.

Overall Design

I’m not a fan of the Playbase design. It’s solid but it’s also big. It’s not entirely in line with what speakers are doing now. At the price ($700), the Playbase is also expensive for what you get. There are better bookshelf speakers on the market that might serve your purposes more - depending on what those purposes are.

The Playbase is classified as a pedestal speaker system, which means that it has to be placed on top of something in order to function (like a table or whatever your current TV is sitting on). For the most part, pedestal speakers aren’t really the height of speaker fashion anymore. They were once the type of speaker that everyone wanted, but that’s kind of gone by the wayside.

Still, Sonos didn’t want to lose out on those users that do not wall mount their TVs, and that’s why the Playbase exists. So who’s the speaker for? It’s for you if you want something that sits underneath your TV. It’s also for you if you want something that can connect to your current Sonos speakers. It might not be for you if your TV is wall mounted and you’re looking for something slimmer and sleeker.

You can purchase the Sonos Playbase through the Sonos website or at most electronics stores now.