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  • New 3D PlayStation Display
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Here’s proof that the world truly has gone 3D crazy: Sony has unveiled a new 3D PlayStation display. This new display from Sony is sure to turn many gaming heads. At the time of this writing, the PlayStation 3D display was not available for purchase. However, Sony is expected to line store shelves with the display within a few months.

The Sony 3D display already has a hefty price tag of $370. For a bit more, you can purchase the Sony PlayStation 3D bundle (complete with 3D glasses, a copy of Uncharted 3, and an HDMI cable). The new display promises to bring gamers a whole new dimension of game time.

The Specs

Sony’s 24-inch 3D display will have HDMI inputs, a 1,920 X 1,080 resolution, and a slim outer casing. It appears as though Sony is still working on creating single-player 3D games to go along with the new 3D display. At present, Sony has a number of two-player games that require two sets of 3D glasses.

Each player wears one pair of the glasses, which permits unique and individual views. While innovative and interesting, these glasses are available through other companies as well. Further, gaming in this manner equates 2D gaming, not 3D gaming. Still, there’s no doubt that Sony will develop some single-player 3D games to go along with the company’s new display. Presumably, developing these games is what Sony is waiting for.

Low Cost 3D Gaming?

Sony, along with other gaming companies, wants to make 3D gaming the norm. To do this, Sony must offer its new 3D console at a relatively low price. For the average person, paying more than $300 for a game system is anything but low. For those who are avid gamers, this price isn’t completely absurd. In fact, it’s downright low.

You can expect to see gaming systems headed towards the 3D side of things within the near future. While the 3D television craze exploded and then fizzled away, gaming in 3D makes much more sense. Getting into the game with a 3D display and gaming system is the fastest way to become a gaming addict. Right now, 2D systems prove to be filled with great graphics, but 3D systems would bring gaming to a whole new level.

Newer Systems Emerge
The Sony 3D display isn’t an entire gaming system, but it’s a step in a new direction. Almost all of the major gaming manufacturers are starting to come out with newer and better systems. The Nintendo Wii U is set to hit shelves sometime next year (complete with a unique iPad-like controller), and now Sony is stepping up the game with its 3D console.

The trickiest part for gaming companies is to keep prices low while inventing new technology. Much like the smartphone revolution, gamers don’t want to purchase the newest system only to watch as an even newer system is reveled within a matter of months. Constantly updating one’s console collection can be costly, which is why gaming manufacturers are attempting to keep costs down. For now, my advice is not to purchase an older gaming system. New systems will hit store shelves soon enough.