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  • Into the Future With the Sony HMZ-TI 3D Headset
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What if you could replace your 3D TV with a headset? No, wait, what if you could replace your entire home theater system with a 3D headset? The type of headset that would include a 5.1-speaker surround sound and a display that simulates a 750-inch 3D TV. Well, Sony has been working on a headset that fits these measurements for some time now.

Recently, Sony announced that it would begin selling the HMZ-T1 3D headset in Japan in November. Those who have had the chance to test the headset report that Sony has come up with something spectacular, mind-blowing, and highly innovative. Why all of these overblown descriptive words? Let me explain what this headset is capable of.

First: The Notion

When I say that Sony has created a 3D headset, it will help to picture a white headset that looks a lot like a thick headband. When placed over the eyes and ears, this headset projects a crystal clear 3D image – so clear, it will feel like you’re sitting in front of a 750-inch 3D screen. What’s more, this headset includes complete surround sound (5.1-speakers), so that your ears can join in on the experience.

The HMZ-T1 headset is designed to completely block out the outside world while you enjoy a movie, show, or other entertainment. You won’t be able to hear or see anything else, but you will be able to thoroughly immerse yourself in the program of your choice. You can do all of this while sitting in your favorite armchair, on the bus, or on an airplane. If this headset takes off, there will be no more need for any kind of home entertainment system. But, some wonder whether or not Sony’s new headset is more novelty than reality.

Second: Just a Dream?

Sony will have to find the right market to sell the company’s new 3D headset. Perhaps this is why Sony has chosen to launch the product in Japan (home of many new and unusual devices). Sony will also have to price this headset just right. If the headset is priced higher than the cost of a home entertainment system, few people will be interested in Sony’s offering. If the headset is affordable on the high-end of things, some people may be intrigued by a 3D headset.

The other thing that Sony has to worry about is making sure this headset doesn’t come with any glitches. Often, new and innovative products such as this one are interesting, but they don’t function as they should (voice-activated remote controls come to mind here). It’s highly unlikely that the general public will put up with an expensive finicky product – even if it does promise to provide hours of 3D entertainment.

Lastly: The Possibilities

If Sony’s new headset does take off in Japan, the company will likely begin marketing the headset throughout the rest of the world. The entertainment value of this headset is clear, but there are other ways that the new 3D headset from Sony can be used. For example, allowing people to block out the world while working on calming exercises such as meditation and yoga may provide those in need of anti-stress techniques a new outlet.

This reviewer is hoping that Sony’s newest creation does well in Japan, so that the device might come to North America. Even though the headset might be priced high, it’s nice to see a company branching out from the 3D norm.