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  • The Sony Android Walkman

The Walkman, the mere name conjures up images of an old cassette player. At the time (let’s say around the 1980s), the Walkman was king of the sound world. Everyone had one, companies tried to copy Sony’s masterpiece, and it seemed like the Walkman would never fade away. One day, along came MP3s, and the Walkman was placed on many shelves and sold at many yard sales for less than one dollar.

Now, Sony is attempting to resurrect the Walkman name by introducing the Sony Android Walkman. Using all of the apps from Android that so many people have come to know and love, Sony hopes to merge the two technologies in order to create one powerful portable sound system. Has Sony succeeded? Here’s what you can expect from the new Walkman addition.

Apps Galore

What happens when you combine Sony’s Walkman with Android apps? Why, you get the Sony Android Walkman, of course! This Walkman version will give users access to all of those Android apps that are so popular. This means that you can use any app you want while also listening to your music. Let’s say that you want to play Angry Birds, for example, while zoning out listening to Lady GaGa. Well, the new Walkman will let you do that. But, wait, isn’t this what smartphones are for?

Sony hopes that the new Android Walkman will outshine smartphones in the music department. This device is far more music-centered, you see. Sony has equipped the Android Walkman with so many musical features that it hopes true audiophiles will have no other real choice but to purchase a Walkman. What are these musical features I speak of?

Music Features

Sony claims that the sound coming from the Walkman is unmatched. For many, the sound coming from a regular smartphone will suffice, but this isn’t true for those people who really love music. In addition to superior sound, the Walkman will feature a lyrics option. When selecting the option to read a song’s lyrics, users can tap the screen in order to jump right to the section that they want to belt out – innovative.

The Walkman will also include a genre feature. This feature will allow users to listen to songs according to genre. For example, you can choose the “dance” genre, and your Walkman will pull up all the dance tunes that you have downloaded. Speaking of downloading, Sony aims to make this simple too. The Walkman will be connected to Sony’s “Music Unlimited” cloud-based service. Basic monthly packages start at just $4 per month, and you can access the music you love instantly.

Confounded Criticism

I’ve never seen a device hit the market (or almost hit the market) without some kind of criticism attached to it. Sadly, Sony’s new Walkman is not immune to critical voices from around the globe. Yet, the Walkman does sound promising. Sure, it’s not a smartphone, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, it is a true offering for those who love to listen to music. If you don’t want to carry your phone with you to the gym or anywhere else, but you do want to listen to your music, the Sony Android Walkman seems like the perfect option.

Sony has not yet released pricing or availability information, though it’s safe to bet that this device will be available just in time for the holiday season.