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  • Sony PIIQ Clip-On Earbuds: Not for the Boring
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Earbuds are usually noted for their amazing sound, but rarely do earbuds stand out based on design alone. Then again, most earbuds aren’t made by Sony. Sony always gets design right. Whether creating an original tablet or making the most of the once popular Walkman, Sony knows that consumers love originality – after all, there are plenty of copycat companies in the world, so why follow the current trend?

Instead of falling prey to the amazingly boring earbud designs that many other manufacturers have come up with, Sony has created the eye-popping candy colored PIIQ Clip-On Earbuds. Granted, the name of these earbuds isn’t inspiring, and doesn’t do justice to the earbuds at all, but you’re guaranteed to stop and pay attention to these earbuds once you learn what Sony style is all about.

It’s All About Design

The PIIQ Clip-On Earbuds look more like colorful earrings than headphones or earphones or earbuds or whatever you want to call them. The casing for these earbuds is long and lean, which is really a first. In addition to an original design, Sony offers these earbuds in an array of colors including Multi, Pink, Green, Brown and Black. All of these colors are two-toned, which makes things even more interesting.

Once you get past the color and design of these earbuds, you’ll note that Sony has done something else that’s entirely unique. Instead of creating earbuds that sit inside of your ear, these buds sit inside of your ear and clip onto your earlobe. That means that you can run, bike, or do flips in the air and these puppies won’t come out, move, or be tempted to slip due to sweat. Sony wants you to take the PIIQ Clip-On Earbuds to the limit, and that’s something that this reviewer more than welcomes after a lifetime of earbuds that slip and have no grip.

Earbud Specs

In addition to creating earbuds that stay put, Sony provides all consumers with plenty of cord for whatever sport you have in mind. When you purchase the PIIQ Clip-On Earbuds, you will be given 3.9-feet of strong and durable cord to play with. With this amount of cord, you won’t have to bend over or worry about pulling your earbuds from your earlobes (ouch!).

Sony has also included three distinct earbud sizes, since everyone is different. You can choose from small, medium, or large earbuds depending on the size and shape of your ears – just remember to consider the size of your earlobes too. I really like the way that these earbuds sound, look, and feel, which is why I’m recommending that you consider purchasing your own pair of Sony PIIQ Clip-On Earbuds.

Pricing and Availability

Sony understands consumer demands better than most other companies out there. That’s why the majority of Sony products are reasonably priced according to the features that a specific product offers.

These particular earbuds are priced around $24.99, which is very reasonable. If you want to know more about the PIIQ Clip-On Earbuds or find out why these earbuds are so great, check out Sony’s official website. You can also order these earbuds directly from the Sony site.