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  • The Sony PRS-T2: Nothing Like a Kindle
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It’s a tough ereader world. Ereaders that aren’t made by Amazon have it rough. But, I’m here to tell you that there are other ereaders on the market. Good ones. Ereaders that really have everything the Fire or Nook has. One such ereader is the Sony PRS-T2. Sony’s reader looks like any other reader on the market (maybe not such a good thing), but it does have some qualities that you may find very appealing. If you are in the market for a new ereader, consider looking in Sony’s direction. Sure, the PRS-T2 isn’t a Nook or a Fire, but is that really such a bad thing?

Reading With the PRS-T2

Sony’s ereader is an E Ink device. Essentially, this means that you can easily read anything on your ereader in the bright sunlight without dealing with glare. Flipping through pages using Sony’s ereader is simple enough, and the device doesn’t jump as much as other ereaders on the market when it’s time for a screen refresh. Content can be bought from Sony’s ereader store, which is really large enough. Of course, Sony’s store does not compete with the content that Amazon stores. But, really, can any other company really compete with Amazon’s content?

A nice added feature to the PRS-T2 screen is a home dock. At the bottom of the screen, users will see accessible and useful features like an Applications, Bookstore, and Reader Store option. Tapping any one of these icons will bring a user to the corresponding page. When navigating to the home screen, the books that have been most recently read will appear, another nice feature. It’s also nice that Sony included eight different font selections. Depending on where you are or what your reading comfort level is, you can make the font size larger or smaller (eight font options is quite a lot when it comes to finding that perfect size).

Some Additional Color Options (and Design)

As mentioned, Sony’s latest ereader doesn’t break the mold where design is concerned. Users will find that the PRS-T2 is roughly the same weight and shape as any other ereader on the market. What’s different about Sony’s ereader is that it comes in black, red, and white. So, if you’re tired of that matte black look, you can opt for red or white and set yourself apart from the crowd. Are color options enough to draw attention away from Amazon’s offerings? Amazon is set to release some new readers this year, so only time will tell.

At the time being, the Sony PRS-T2 is a solid ereader that will provide you with a great screen, compact device, and plenty of reading material. It’s tough to compare what Sony can offer content-wise to what Amazon has available, but few other companies compete with Amazon in that arena. Still, you’ll find all of the latest books are available through Sony. As far as price goes, the PRS-T2 retails for around $129. This might be a high price set by Sony, since rumor has it that Amazon will be releasing its latest models for much less than that price.

When all is said and done, Sony is a solid company that has been making great device for years. Sony’s PRS-T2 ereader is really no exception to this rule. When comparing ereaders for holiday shopping purposes or just to treat yourself, make sure not to rule out what other companies are creating. Even though it seems like an Amazon world, there are other ereaders available.