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  • Sony's PS4 Has Officially Launched
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Last night, Sony officially launched the PlayStation 4. The highly anticipated U.S. release took place in New York at midnight, and a very excited crowd watched the live streaming event from all around the globe. In addition to the launch of the actual console, Sony spent roughly one hour discussing upcoming games that would be available in the near future.

Since gamers have been waiting for news about PS4 games, spending one hour talking about new games was a good move for Sony. Some titles that were mentioned included the newest version of Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Destiny, and Infamous: Second Son.

Some Interesting Bits

The PS4 sold out at the New York launch location last night, but Sony only had 444 of the consoles ready for retail sale. Consoles should be shipping to other stores throughout the U.S. this week. If you live outside of the U.S., you'll have to wait until the 22nd for the launch to happen.

In addition to pricing ($400) and the actual launch of the console, Sony has done some unique tampering with the actual device. If you plan on hacking into your PS4 in order to change some things around, think again. Sony has created a ton of different diversions (including screws that are hard to remove) in order to prevent people from opening these consoles up. Sony also warns that tampering with the product is not approved by the company. Watch out!

Should You Buy One?

It's now time to decide: is the PS4 the console that you should be purchasing this holiday season? Or, should you hold out for the Xbox One? It's going to be a tough choice, but the games will ultimately decide for most people. So far, it looks like the PS4 will have a pretty decent game lineup, but none of those games are ready to roll quite yet.

This is a fun time of year, since it's when all the console manufacturers are rolling out new devices. The PS4 is the first to launch, and the console has sold out in New York. We'll have to wait and see if the PS4 sells out all across the land on November 22nd. If you do plan to buy one, make sure that you get in line early! Last night, those heading to New York lined up around the block to snag a PS4.

Other Console News

Microsoft plans to release the Xbox One on November 22nd at midnight - just like Sony has done with the PS4. Which company had this plan first? It's hard to say, but it is absolutely a race to be the first company to get the console out and in front of crowds. The Xbox One launch party in New York is going to be something spectacular too. The event will take place in Times Square, and it's going to be a major show.

So, which console will you choose? As the race for this year's best console heats up, all eyes are now on Microsoft.