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  • Sony Walkman B170 Series

You have to hand it to Sony: this company just keeps trying to stay in the MP3 game. Granted, most of the time, Sony’s MP3 attempts are lacking in every major way, but the company keeps trying all the same. The latest addition to the Sony Walkman lineup (are you as amazed as I am that Sony is sticking with the Walkman name?) is the Sony Walkman B170 Series. At first glance, these MP3 players appear to be a colorful and playful MP3 player option, but there are simply better MP3 players on the market.


Since it’s hard to ignore the design of the new MP3 Walkman, let’s begin with the way that this device looks. The B170 Walkmans are wrapped in candy-coated colors like pink, blue, red, and black. Most of these colors are also transparent-ish, so the device does have an eye-catching appeal. Then again, some reviewers have likened the design of this device to a USB drive. The long neck, circular control buttons, and extended body do cause the new Walkman to resemble a USB drive. The only problem here is that this isn’t a USB and can’t be used as one (this might have been an interesting option, though).

In addition to the aesthetic design of this Walkman, there’s something else to consider: this MP3 player only weighs in at 28 grams (0.98 ounces) – that’s a fairly lightweight device that can easily be slipped into any pocket or bag without causing a fuss. If weight is what you’re after, the new Walkman might just be the thing you’re looking for. However, if you’re in the market for a MP3 player that comes with a lot of storage space, this might not be the best option.

A Matter of Space

If you decide to purchase Sony’s new Walkman, you will have the option of choosing between a 2GB or 4GB device. For many, the size options presented by Sony are just not large enough. If you download any podcasts, the available space on your new Walkman will be eaten up quickly. Then again, most songs range from 2-3mb, so space might not be an option if you just want to listen to some tunes (granted, your music library can’t be that extensive). Considering the size of this device, Sony may turn away a lot of potential new customers.

Then again, Sony might also have found a niche market depending on the price of this new Walkman. For some casual music listeners, a larger device that holds plenty of podcasts and a large music library simply isn’t necessary. These consumers might just find Sony’s offering worth consideration. Of course, as mentioned, this depends on the price of the device. Consumers (of any kind) aren’t going to pay top-dollar for a device that’s as limited storage-wise as this one.

A Good Option?

Is the new Sony B170 Walkman a good option for you? First, consider how much space you need. Second, compare other MP3 players that are currently available. Lastly, take a look at the price of the new Sony offering. Of course, sound is a consideration too, but Sony always produces musical products that are above average sound-wise. Sony hasn’t released pricing details yet, though the company has stated that the new Walkman will be on shelves soon, so pricing information is sure to follow suit.