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  • Sound Freaq Sound Step Recharge
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It’s hard to find a good portable Bluetooth speaker system. In fact, this is a really hard task. Most speaker systems of this sort pump out music that nobody wants to listen to. Distorted sound and bad bass make most of these speaker systems nothing to write home about. But, every once in awhile some company designs a Bluetooth speaker system that’s worth of note.

This time around, that company is Sound Freaq. Never heard of them? That’s ok, a lot of people tend to skip over this company when shopping for a way to listen to music via Bluetooth. But, there are a few good reasons why Sound Freaq is worth paying attention to. One of those reasons is that this company actually creates decent speaker systems that you’ll want to spend your money on.


The Sound Freaq Sound Step Recharge has a six-hour rechargeable battery. Six hours is not a timeframe that comes with most portable speakers. Many, of not the majority, come with four-hour batteries. So, from the start, the Sound Freaq option is already beating its competitors. Once you charge this system’s battery, you can listen to music for six whole hours without interruption.

You can’t use the USB port that comes with this speaker system when the system is not plugged in, but you can listen to music. The versatility of this speaker system is great when it comes to listening to music by the pool or brining your speaker outside to accompany you while you slave over some yard work.


What’s a speaker without sound? Nothing more than a compact square box. Thankfully, the Sound Freaq option comes with decent sound. You won’t hear the best bass in the world coming from this system, but you will get a good deal of intonation and overall sound from the system.

Sound Freaq also makes a larger SFQ-01 speaker system that has gained better reviews, but the Sound Step Recharge really does sound impressive for a speaker of its size. Speaking of size, this speak is as compact as they come, which makes it even more appealing for those of you who want a speaker system that can be easily transported.

Pricing and Functionality

If you have an iPad, iPod, or other Apple device, you can dock your device using the Sound Freaq system. In connection with a handy app, you can play all the music that your device can hold to your heart’s content. You can even stream music through the Bluetooth connection. In short, music is never far away when you have this speaker system on your side.

While a great little system with impressive sound, the Sound Freaq Sound Step Recharge comes with a big price. Currently, this speaker system is retailing for around $160. This is a large price to pay if you’re looking for one speaker system for your entire house. But, if you’re looking for a portable system that’s half novelty, the Sound Freaq Sound Step Recharge is a great option.