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  • Behringer Soundscape Air iPod
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You’ve seen one iPod dock and you’ve seen them all, right? Well, this isn’t the case with the new Behringer Soundscape Air iPod dock. This dock was first unveiled at the CES conference in Las Vegas, and it will be hitting store shelves within the next few months. Unlike many iPod docks that have come before it, this dock is actually exciting for a number of very clever reasons. The first reason being that the price tag accompanying this dock is both reasonable and affordable ($129).

The second reason is that the new Behringer iPod dock comes with something that most docks don’t: removable speakers. Lastly, Behringer is a name that audiophiles know well. This company has been making speakers and speaker systems for the past twenty years. Not only does Behringer make user-friendly speakers, but this company is one of the most trusted within the professional music world (just check out the Behringer site). While not as well known as Bose or other large companies amongst casual consumers, Behringer has certainly reserved a place for itself amidst the audio community. Now, let’s talk about that iPod dock.

Look! They Move!

The coolest thing about the Behringer Soundscape Air iPod dock is that it comes with moveable speakers. The two three-inch speakers that come with this dock can be moved up to 150 feet away from the actual dock. Therefore, this iPod dock is perfect for a gym, office, home office, or just to circulate music throughout your home or apartment. The Air dock also provides a way for many people to pipe music throughout a home without purchasing a very expensive speaker system.

Other iPod docks have speakers that can be moved, but none (to this reviewer’s knowledge) have speakers that also charge wirelessly. That’s right, you don’t have to place the speakers on the actual dock in order to charge them. When you move these speakers from the dock, they will charge automatically. As for the design of the actual dock, Behringer didn’t add any flashy bells or whistles to the dock, but this dock does blend in nicely with almost any dГ©cor making it perfect for any kind of formal or informal setting.

Things to Consider

While the Air dock seems like the perfect solution to any iPod docking problems, there are some things to consider before you buy this product. First, if the battery included in this dock is internal, there’s a good possibility that this battery will not last for many, many, years to come. Second, check out the warranty that Behringer will include with this product. Since the Air dock is new, and not on the market yet, these details are unknown.

Small cautions aside, the Behringer Soundscape Air iPod dock certainly seems like an iPod dock to watch. With portable speakers that charge wirelessly, a nice display, and a decent price tag, Behringer’s latest product may really appeal to many different iPod users. Look for the Behringer Soundscape Air iPod dock in stores this year.