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  • Spotify's New Free Streaming Option
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There's news from the music world today. Spotify has decided to provide free listening to all devices. This means that you can listen to the free version of the streaming service from your Android or iOS tablet.

If you've been subscribing to the free version of Spotify, you know that this streaming service was only available for free on mobile devices. Now that the service has spread to tablets, more users are likely to sign up for Spotify, which is exactly what the streaming company is hoping for.

Why The Free Tablet Streaming News

Spotify reps have told press that the reason the streaming service has been opened up to tablets is simple enough: people are now listening to tunes at home on tablets. So, even though tablet listening percentages have risen, it's not necessarily because people are listening to tunes on the go. Instead, people are using tablets in place of any other form of listening device.

Spotify might be one of the first streaming services to offer free streaming to tablets. Competitors, like Rdio, only offer a limited time when it comes to streaming via mobile or other devices. In short, Spotify may be able to snag some (or most) of the market with the new tablet option.

Spotify Connect

The new free tablet version of Spotify will also work with 'Spotify Connect,' which is a way to integrate the streaming service with home stereo systems. But, that's not all - Spotify is now making streaming an option for all devices, for free.

Current Spotify users will now be able to shuffle playlists and library song selections when using a mobile device. This allows users more access to Spotify songs, and it's one way that the company will garner new users. How does the new free tablet stack up to, say, Rdio's options? Pretty darn well, since Spotify's free option is the most versatile free streaming service out there. There's just a small hiccup.

A Small Drawback

Spotify Radio users will be able to listen to stations for free, but it won't be possible to listen to specific tracks. You can, however, choose stations based on a certain artist or genre. This is a small price to pay for a service that has no price at all. In fact, Spotify will be the first free streaming option to offer such versatility.

The new Spotify free tablet streaming option will go live today, so make sure to sign up and check that out if you have Spotify in your country. It will be interesting to see if Spotify manages to eclipse other streaming services with this new free tablet service option. You can sign up by adding the Spotify app to your tablet now.

Got a free streaming service that you prefer to Spotify? Hate or love what Spotify offers? And, because inquiring minds want to know, do you listen to your streamed tunes on your iPad or Android tablet? Sound off below, and let me know if Spotify is the way that you like your tunes served!