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  • Spotify Creates Fresh Finds
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Spotify is about to get better. Today, the company announced a new way to find music you might not have heard yet. The company is unleashing some new algorithms that will connect users with new playlists.

The playlists will be found under the shiny new category ‘Fresh Finds,’ and here’s how Spotify will find what’s fresh for you.

It’s All About Algorithms

Spotify will gather information from music blogs, music websites, and the popular songs being listened to right now by tastemakers (those people that Spotify thinks are interesting). You’ll find the Fresh Finds through specific genre playlists, so if you like Hip Hop, you’ll find a Fresh Finds list under the Hip Hop category - same goes for various other genres. The trick is to figure out what you like, click on that genre, and then go for the Fresh Finds.

In order to keep the Fresh Finds, well, fresh, Spotify will generate the lists every Wednesday. This will ensure that the list stays current. These new lists go along with Spotify’s recent addition of personalized playlists that are updated every Monday currently. If you use Spotify, you can learn a lot about your personal music tastes (and what you might like to hear in the future) by checking out your personalized list. The same goes for the new Fresh Finds.

Why Spotify Is Making More Lists

Streaming music users like to listen to new things regularly, but it can be hard to hear truly unique music without knowing where to look. Spotify is continuously trying to keep up with its users and with the new music out there by creating new lists regularly that users will want to listen to. The new Fresh Finds incorporates music followed and liked by tastemakers, which means that you’re bound to hear more music that you haven’t hear before.

Spotify has some stiff competition in the streaming music department, so the company does have to reinvent the playlist regularly. Fresh Finds is just the latest way that Spotify plans to compete with other streaming services. Spotify also wants to make it clear to new and emerging artists the platform is a good place for new artists to share their work.

Unique Music

What you won’t find through Fresh Finds are tunes that you’d heard on the radio. These songs are really the latest in each genre, whether that’s a good or a bad thing. So if you are truly tired of hearing the same songs over and over again, Spotify’s new Fresh Finds lists are perfect for you. To create the Fresh Finds list, Spotify analyzed the playlists of some of the top tastemakers. After studying these lists, the company then created an algorithm to pick up on it all.

This is the latest news from Spotify in a while, but it’s probably not the last time that the streaming company creates new ways to discover music. In the streaming game, the company that keeps up with users the best and most will win. Plus, Spotify has to attract new artists by proving that the company does spread new music to listeners. If you’re wondering who Spotify has on its list of tastemakers you can find out that information through the Spotify dashboard as well. For now, check out Fresh Finds and see what’s fresh in your favorite music genre.