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  • What's With the Spotify Fuss?
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Spotify has been available in select European countries for some time now. Throughout those countries, no better music service exists.

Recently, Spotify came to the United States. Now, everything that made Europeans go wild about this service can be yours too. But, why is there such a big fuss surrounding Spotify?

What Is Spotify?

Simply put, Spotify is a subscription-based music service. Digging a bit deeper into the Spotify topic, this service allows subscribers to select from millions of songs. iTunes users have been waiting for Apple to come up with a subscription service for awhile now, but Apple just hasn’t delivered. Now, Spotify threatens to take over Apple’s dominant space.

Spotify offers music from many of the world’s top record labels including Universal, Sony, EMI, and Warner. Many independent record label selections are also available through Spotify. Since this is a subscription-based service, users can download as many tunes as they like with one basic monthly subscription.

How to Get a Spotify Account

Right now, there are two ways to get a Spotify account. The first way to get an account is to head to Spotify.com and select one of three account types. The second way to get an account is to find someone who has a free Spotify account (the company gave out a number of free accounts to select people).

Account pricing varies according to the account that you choose. Some accounts include advertisements, while other accounts do not. If you live in Canada, you’ll have to wait to use Spotify, since this service is not yet available anywhere in North America other than the United States.

What Else Can Spotify Do?

Aside from the fact that Spotify users get to select from millions of songs, there are other cool features that Spotify offers. One such feature is the ability to listen to music when you are not connected to the Internet. This service is available with the Premium Spotify package.

Another great feature is the ability to share tunes with friends. If you want to send your friend a great song, simply select the “send” feature. There are lots of other things that Spotify can do too. If you have a minute to play around with a Spotify account, you’ll find an abundance of great features that Apple never thought of.

Are iTunes’ Days Numbered?

There’s no doubt that Spotify is superior to iTunes. After all, who wants to pay per song when you can just pay one monthly flat, low, rate? Spotify can also do a number of things that iTunes can’t. But, it’s hard to feel bad for Apple. Seemingly, Apple became too greedy by not offering users a subscription-based service option.

So, it was only a matter of time before another company picked up where Apple dropped the ball. If you live in the U.S, and you want to try the most talked about music subscription service on the planet, make sure to check out Spotify. There’s no doubt that you’ll instantly fall in love with this well thought out music service.