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  • 4 Ways to Stream the Super Bowl
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Today is the day, football fans! Will it be the Seahawks or the Broncos? It's anyone's guess right now, but NYC is a-flutter with tons of Super Bowl propaganda.

Because, for one of the very first times, the Super Bowl will be played really close to NYC. At all other times, New York City dwellers don't claim New Jersey as their own, but that's all changed for the Super Bowl.

NYC will be packed, so I'm going to suggest that you stay indoors if you live in the city. Or, just stay far away from NJ and NYC if you don't live nearby - it's going to be like New Year's Even in the city today! But, there's no need to fret. There are tons of amazing ways to watch the game with lots of great tech options. Even if you aren't a Super Bowl fan, you can't miss out on the highlights of this game!

Super Bowl Tech Options

1. Stream It! Fox is the place to go (though I hate to admit it) for streaming the game this year. Fox's iOS app will be streaming live, and you can also check out Fox's 'Sports' website, which will feature live streaming of the game. Want to hear something strange, though? You can't stream the game if you are inside of the stadium. Why? Because that would compete with networks, like Fox, that are streaming.

2. Check out a NFL app on your phone. Kind of. You see, you can catch scores and updates through NFL apps on all phones that support the apps. But, you can't actually watch the game live unless you are a Verizon customer that pays the extra $5 per month for premium services. So, yeah, there's that option.

3. Twitter it. When you want to see what's happening in real-time, there's always Twitter. You can't actually see the game in real-time, but you can definitely see what's happening via tweets.

4. Just scope out the Internet the next day. If you watch the game in order to see what ads are the best, you can wait until the next day - or watch it on your TV. The Internet will be full of great Super Bowl ads on Monday, and all the best ad magazines will have the lineup.

5. Get out and be social. I know, this one is tough. But, if you really love football, why not head to the nearest pub to check out the action? You never know who you could meet, and there's nothing like the real life excitement that surrounds this game.

Now, the only question is: Seahawks or Broncos? What's your prediction? And, how are you going to watch the Super Bowl this weekend? Will you go with Verizon, stream it through Fox, or check it out via Twitter? Got any other awesome tech-connected ways to watch the game in real-time or to catch the highlights?

Share your tips for Super Bowl tech below, and let the game begin!