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  • How to Start Taking Mobile Payments
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Run a company? Offer some kind of service? I'm betting your clients have been asking about mobile payments lately. As more and more big chains start offering consumers the option to pay via mobile, smaller businesses and contractors are often asked to accept these types of payments.

Most tech-savvy consumers know that accepting mobile payments is possible. What many people don't know is how to go about taking these payments, exactly. Do you go for something like Square or is there another option? How much does it cost to set up a mobile payment system? Here are some ways that you can begin taking mobile payments simple and without hassle.

Square: The First Option

Square is really the best option for contractors. Why? Square doesn't ask users to purchase any kind of business or other account, it doesn't come with any regular monthly fees, and it's really simple to use. Using Square means connecting directly to your bank account, and this means simplicity.

Square does charge a 2.75% rate on each transaction, but you can easily add in this rate to any kind of service you provide (just let your clients know that credit card payments will come with an extra rate). Most people will be willing to pay that rate if they rely on credit cards or collect awards points.

PayPal's Here

I like PayPal's Here option because it allows you to take debit payments as well as credit card payments. If you run your own business, being able to take debit cards can be a huge bonus. Clients can also pay using a mobile PayPal account. PayPal takes 2.7% per transaction, but, again, you can add that amount to any service fee. As with Square, PayPal doesn't charge any monthly or other fees.


LevelUp is nice because it doesn't require your clients to have a smartphone. But, on the other hand, you do have to have a LevelUp terminal, so keep this in mind if your business is on the go. Customers have to have a LevelUp card that acts like a credit card. Once the LevelUp card has been scanned, you will receive funds. You will pay $0.40 for every dollar received. LevelUp might be a good option if you have a lot of clients that use this service. Otherwise, it could be hard to convert or convince clients to use the service.

Should You Take Mobile, Credit, and Debit Payments?

I find it hard to believe that some companies and businesses don't take any form of payment other than cash. In today's world, there are so many options! By far, Square is the most advanced and simplest to use. Once you receive the Square device (free), all you have to do is attach it to your phone, and your clients can simply slide a card through the device. Simple.

You should offer your clients as many forms of payment as possible. Whether credit or debit, everybody pays with a different method, and your clients will appreciate the options. You might have to charge a slight fee for usage, but many people will find this satisfactory.