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  • The 'Made In the USA' Move
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A number of tech companies are moving manufacturing back to the USA. Google is one of the biggest. Google has stated that the company will manufacture Google Glass in good old Silicon Valley. This move will both gain consumer approval and provide Google with a better ability to oversee Glass production.

Manufacturing Glass in the states also puts Google directly in production competition with the company's main competitor, Apple. Apple has recently promised to bring Mac manufacturing back to the US, and the company was even mentioned in President Obama's recent State of the Union address. China, it seems, is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Why China Production and Why It's Not What You Think

Over and over again, I've heard people exclaim: "it's made in China, so it's no good!" This line of thinking is false. There are many different manufacturing plants in China, and each one of them has different regulations and protocols to follow. Plus, it also pays to keep in mind that each company's devices are different, and it's device technology that really matters.

Manufacturing devices in China used to mean cheaper product and less union hassles, and it still does. But, companies are discovering that consumers are willing to pay a bit more for devices manufactured in the USA. Google and Apple are banking on this notion while also trying to keep costs to a minimum. Below are some additional companies attempting to bring manufacturing back to the states.

Companies Bringing It Back

Apple and Google aren't the only ones. Joining these two tech giants are Caterpillar, Ford, nPower, and many others. Why bring manufacturing back to the USA? It makes a good deal of sense, if you think about it. Not only will consumers be happier about products and devices that are made at home, but companies can keep a better eye on plant happenings.

It's hard to control quality in a plant thousands of miles away, as Apple has found out in the past. It's a lot easier to keep an eye on production when that production is happening right next door. Plant overseers can carefully watch what American union workers are doing by going to work everyday like many other Americans do. Sure, this decision may cost a company a bit more, but it will be with it in the long run -- not to mention the economic impact.

Better for the Economy

One way to inject life into a dead economy is to bring manufacturing back to the USA. Many companies left the states due to high union wages and difficulties deal with workers, though it seems now that these problems can be worked out. More manufacturing plants means more jobs, and that's really what the USA needs.

How can you determine if a product is made at home? First, check with the company to see which products are made completely in the USA. Some companies claim to make items in the states, but actually manufacture most products overseas ('Frye' boot company, for example). Then, find out where a product is made, address and all.

When purchasing products that are made in the USA, you are injection money back into the economy, and that's one of the most important things that you can do. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Apple, Google, Ford, and many other companies keep their word when it comes to brining manufacturing back.